Pairings of Cuffs and Collars

Men's Dress Shirts

In men’s dress shirts, the collars are the most noticeable style differences. Because different types of collars are appropriate for different situations, make sure your tie, cuff, and collar are all suited for the occasion.

Point-Collar with Forward Points

The forward point collar, also known as the straight point collar, is one of the most formal types of collar available. This is the most common style of collar. It has a small collar and is best worn with a suit and tie. In comparison to other shirts, the collar point is lengthy and the points are close.

One of the more versatile collar styles is the point collar. It’s appropriate for a business meeting as well as a black-tie event. Small or medium tie knots, as well as round or angled cuffs, are ideal for this collar.

Short Collar with a Semi-Spread

A semi-spread is defined as a shirt with shorter points that are spaced further apart. This is a more casual look, yet it may still be worn in formal situations thanks to changes in social patterns. Long-necked guys will like this choice.

A Windsor knot on the tie complements this appearance wonderfully. You can get creative with larger tie knots because of the greater spread. Use rounded or angled cuffs with this shirt.

 Collar with Slits

The cutaway collar has one of the shortest collar point lengths, making it ideal for those who dislike points. The advice is brief and widely dispersed. Because you can see a portion of the collar behind the tie, this shirt has become quite popular among modern guys because of its sophisticated design. However, it is not appropriate for workwear if your office is extremely formal.

Pin Collar Shirts

 Because the sharpness of the band softens your edges, this shirt looks good on angled faces. If you want to play up the shirt’s elegance, consider a Trinity, Balthus, or Eldredge knot instead. Only straight cuffs are recommended for this shirt.

open collar that is

The spread collar is the best option for wearing a dress shirt in a casual or professional atmosphere. It isn’t very formal and can be worn to the office. It’s a sleek, contemporary design that may be found in a variety of workplaces nowadays. The collar can be worn with almost any tie knot.

This is a well-balanced and adaptable collar. It can be worn in almost any scenario and by people with almost any facial structure. It goes well with both straight and rounded cuffs.

Collar with Long Buttons

A dress shirt with this collar is less formal. This is another fantastic shirt to wear on more informal occasions to give you a more polished look than a t-shirt. This collar has button holes on the tips that secure it to the shirt. Originally designed for sportswear, this appearance has found a place among casual and informal business attire and is particularly popular among young men, thanks to changing societal tendencies.

Because of its laid-back vibe, this outfit is practically never worn with a tie. If you want to dress it up a bit, wear it with a sports jacket or a tailored blazer. With this sporty collar, angled cuffs are optimal.

 Button-Down Short-Sleeves

The short button-down shirt may appeal to young men and teenagers who need a men’s dress shirts. The collar is fairly short at the tips, but it still buttons down. Because it merges classic and current collar styles, this medium-sized collar looks fantastic on Oxford shirts.

A jacket or blazer should be worn over this blouse. If at all possible, don’t wear a tie with it. For this garment, the angled cuff remains the best option.