Open Source Platforms to Build an E-Commerce Website

Open Source Platforms to Build an E-Commerce Website

The process of buying and selling products electronically on the internet is known as e-commerce. Businesses have to build e-commerce websites to buy and sell products electronically on the internet. After creating e-commerce websites, businesses can increase their customer reach and allow customers to buy products without time restrictions. That’s why businesses are providing 24/7 customer support to customers. The start-up and running costs of e-commerce websites are also lower. The businesses can run their businesses from anywhere. To build an e-commerce website, you require an open-source platform. The open-source platforms to create e-commerce websites are given below;

  1. Square Online:

If you want to build an e-commerce website quickly, Square Online is the best tool. This tool uses ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to build an e-commerce website by asking answers to a few questions. This tool provides complete control over the design of your website. Therefore, you can create the best quality website according to your requirements. You can add the seamless payment option by using this tool. After developing an e-commerce website using this tool, you will face some problems. This tool provides responsive help and support for the developers by providing the best solutions to your problems. You can also use its paid plan. Its paid plan starts from $12/month.

  1. WooCommerce:

If you want to build an e-commerce website on WordPress, WooCommerce is the best tool. You can easily install the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website. After installing it, you can use it to create the best quality e-commerce website. You can easily download and install this WordPress plugin. Most of the developers don’t require anything to create their online stores. By using this WordPress plugin to create an e-commerce website, you can connect it with all the major payment options. If you are using the theme of WooCommerce, you don’t need to make enough changes. If you have installed a third-party theme, you will have to make enough changes to provide a better look to your WordPress website. It provides the best support for the developers. To get support, the developers have to use their ticket system. You can use this plugin to create all kinds of WordPress websites.

  1. Constant Contact:

If you want to build an e-commerce website to sell products and services, this is the best tool. This tool is available in the form of a design-assisted website builder. If you use this tool, you don’t need to pick a template and edit it. It will automatically create a website for you. While developing your e-commerce website, you need to provide some answers to the basic questions. Based on the answers to these questions, it will suggest the design of your website. The only downside of this tool is that it is frustrating to edit your website’s theme and design. It is also providing an opportunity for email marketing to users. By using this opportunity, users can promote your products and services. You can also upgrade your free plan to the paid plan. Its paid plan starts from $10/month.

  1. nopCommerce:

It also provides the best platform for the user to build an e-commerce website. To make online marketing easy, it also offers lots of SEO-friendly features for e-commerce websites. If you have created an e-commerce website using this tool, you don’t need to worry about the payments. Its reason is that it provides a free platform to create lots of features on your e-commerce website. By using these features, you can easily create a fully functional online store. If you want to run more than one e-commerce store, this is also the best tool for you. Using this tool, you can easily control all these features using a single admin panel.

  1. Magneto:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, if you want to build an e-commerce website for an enterprise-level business, Magneto is the best choice for you. Therefore, small businesses can’t use it. In the enterprise-level business e-commerce website, the customers have to make any payment method. For this reason, it offers the best payment processing system for payments. If you don’t have enough coding knowledge, you should not use it to create enterprise-level websites. Its reason is that it is developed for professionals who have enough knowledge about coding. It is customizable. Therefore, the developers can add required functions and features to their WordPress websites. The installation process of this tool is very difficult because all hosts don’t cater to it.

  1. OpenCart:

If you are looking for the best tool to build an e-commerce website for mid-sized businesses, OpenCart is the best tool. It is a lightweight tool because it does not offer many features for developers. This tool gives free hands to users for customization. Therefore, you can fully customize this tool. After customizing this tool, you can also add the required features in this tool. To enhance the usability of this tool, it is offering tons of add-ons to the users. If you want to use this tool to create an e-commerce website, you should have enough knowledge about coding. Without enough knowledge about coding, you can’t ensure the best design of your e-commerce business website. The most important benefit of this free tool is that it has fewer running costs than other tools. You can also add other payment methods by using this tool.

You can also use other free tools to build an e-commerce website like PrestaShop, Zen Cart, osCommerce, etc.

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