Online Tenant Screening: 4 Key Mistakes To Avoid


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When you own a property, you have many important jobs. One of the most important things about your job is online tenant screening. Background checks help you collect great tenants and keep your housing safe for everyone. 

There are many benefits of using online tenant screening. For example, you won’t have to arrange an in-person meeting with your clients. You can use an electronic device and screen them wherever they are. 

Your life becomes easier when you use tenant screening services. Keep reading to learn 4 key mistakes to avoid when screening your tenants. 

1. Not Screening Everyone 

Many property managers make the mistake of not screening every single tenant. Some managers will only screen tenants they don’t trust. This can lead to accusations of discrimination.

You can’t tell who’s bad news by looking at them. To keep your property safe, you need to screen every single tenant. 

2. Skipping Background Checks 

A tenant may have a great credit score, but what dark secrets lay in their past? Allowing a tenant with a dark past or long history of crime could put others at risk.

It may even put you out of business if things get out of hand. That’s why it’s so important to perform background checks on every tenant. 

3. Waiting Until the Last Minute 

There are some property owners who don’t start the screening process right away. Some people wait a while and start the screening process a little too late. Delaying the online screening process may leave you with a vacant unit. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to start screening your tenants. You may start too late and realize the tenant doesn’t fit your residency. If you use, you’ll never miss a tenant screening again. 

4. Skipping Interviews 

Another common mistake some property owners make is skipping tenant interviews. Would you skip an employee interview and hire them right away? Definitely not… avoid skipping an interview with potential tenants. 

Ask them basic questions before handing over the paperwork they’ll need to join your building. Anything is better than skipping the interview with your tenants. 

Before saying yes to the tenant, make sure their application includes three references. It’s simple for people to lie on paper and in person… so an online service may catch this. 

Online Tenant Screening: What You Need to Know

One of the biggest mistakes property managers make is not screening their tenants. Some property managers think it’s too much of a hassle to screen tenants. But if you use an online tenant screening system it may catch errors.  

Tenant screening services may catch an error or something you would have missed. For example, anyone can make up references for previous stays. But an online system may catch a fake address and alert you. 

Taking in the best tenants will help you and your property. That’s why online screening is so important. For more articles featuring technology, visit our website today.