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A chat room might seem like a simple way to have a conversation, but there is a lot involved in running a chat room. Here we look at the different types of chat rooms, the tools you need to run a chat room and finally how to build your online community by using a chat room. Omegle is an online chat website that pairs random users with a choice between two other users for webcam-based conversations. 

What are Chat rooms?

To put it simply, a chat room is a group of users who are able to communicate with each other using a chat room tool. The best chat rooms allow you to chat in real-time, so you can post messages, have your say and even share links. Chat room tools often enable users to define what they want to achieve from the tool, such as creating polls and questionnaires, watching slideshows or viewing pictures ometv online.

Simple chat room tools usually run on a web-based platform, so they can be accessed from anywhere and used from your mobile, tablet or desktop PC. Most chat rooms provide you with a user avatar, allowing you to see how other users react to your posts and posts that they have posted.

Do chat rooms really work?

Absolutely yes! Chats are often where you will find real life conversations happening in their natural environment, and where people will really open up. Chat rooms can connect people to new people and they are a great way to discover new interests. for example is a huge online community. The community is built around the Huddle podcast which has 12 million listeners. These are big numbers and show the potential of a chat room to build communities.

Planning your online community

To run a successful chat room, you need to be strategic. It is about delivering value to your community and listening to what your members say. We go into a lot more detail on how to build a chat room.

How to set up a chat room

You don’t have to know how to code to set up a chat room. An advanced search of a site such as Facebook is usually enough to find the right chat site for you to use.

Different chat sites have different requirements, as well as different features. Some require you to put a picture in the chat room and to hide people who speak over a certain volume. These sites also need to be able to use one of these relatively new technologies.

How to find a chat site

Head over to the chat rooms section of your Facebook profile and look for the appropriate chat site you want to use.

You should be able to see the chat site address at the top of the post, either an @ symbol or the number sign.