Off-Road LED Light Bar Mount Kits That Don’t Require Heavy Modding


Those of you that have been researching the Stage Series LED Light Bars available online at are probably already well aware of the advantages that these light bars can offer. With their superior optical focus, these light bars throw a more sharply focused beam that appears brighter and produces less glare.

They’re also available in a number of sizes, ranging from six inches all the way up through fifty inches in useful increments. Available in white and amber, and with several different beam patterns, these LED light bars are useful as fog lights, spot lights, work lights, off-road lights, and even as supplementary lighting to your high beams, as driving lights, depending on the pattern you choose and how you mount it to your vehicle.

That brings up the crux of this article. Diode Dynamics produces industry leading light technology, but auxiliary lighting is neither rare nor exclusive. There is a plethora of options for Jeep, truck and car owners looking to spruce up their vehicles with aux or accent lighting. What is hard to find, is mounting hardware that is practical and easy to mount.

This is one area in which Diode Dynamics’ superb engineering prowess has really made a difference with their vehicle lighting technology. It is not just their lights that have been developed to offer superior brightness, focus and ease of installation, making them compatible with a wide range of applications – their mounts are also expressly produced to be vehicle-specific, easy to install, and most importantly, to free you from the necessity of making permanent alterations to your vehicle.

There are many Stage Series Light Mount Kits and hardware available at, too many to make a case for a single kit. They offer kits that enable mounting in several configurations, such as across a bumper or the hood of a vehicle, or even at the rear, to serve as a reverse light or a work light. However, there are some traits that nearly all of them share in common, traits that significantly increase their universal value.

The first, and one of the most attractive features, is that they are CAD-designed for direct fitment on a specific model of vehicle. This gives the mount setup an overall OEM style fit and finish, for a factory-direct, professional look.

Secondly, and most importantly, many of their Light Bar Mount Kits are specifically designed so as to mount to pre-existing, factory mounting points on your vehicle. This will, of course, vary according to the size, nature and location of the mount, but it frees vehicle owners from the need to cut, drill, or tap holes for custom mounts.

In this manner, Diode Dynamics LED Light Bars, and the associated mounting kits, are cost-effective, extremely convenient and time-saving solutions for mounting auxiliary lighting to your vehicle. They add value to the vehicle, for you, and preserve its original value, in the event that you ever want to remove the mount or sell the vehicle to someone who neither needs nor wants it. Their mount kits can be removed as easily as they can be installed, and Diode Dynamics’ YouTube channel is full of tutorials for inquisitive, enterprising, DIY-minded vehicle owners.

There is also a large pool of resources available on their website. To learn more about these and the other categories of automotive LED lighting Diode Dynamics provides, including several other categories of lighting suitable for off road vehicles, please visit their website at You can also get in touch with their customer service department, by phone or email, at 314-205-3033 or at, respectively.

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