Necessities for Your Baby Dresser and Changing Table


When you are preparing for the arrival of your newest little one, it can be an exciting time fraught with possibilities and joy! The future is looking exceptionally bright– but it’s also stressful as you need to ensure that you have absolutely anything and everything you’ll need ready and raring to go in time.

This most certainly includes all of the elements present in your nursery. While you need the larger pieces of furniture, like the baby dresser and changing table, you also need the many “little things” to be properly set up and ready to tackle anything that comes your way when your baby finally arrives.

So, when you are setting up your baby dresser and changing table in particular, you need to carefully consider every item you stock them with. That’s because these two pieces of furniture are arguably the most important and most functional pieces of nursery furniture. Without further ado, let’s take a look at must-have items for your baby’s dresser and changing table!

Your baby’s dresser is used quite similarly to your own: to hold clothes and other similar garments. However, their dressers need to hold several other items than you’d store for yourself. Here is a list of the items necessary to keep inside the dresser:

● Onesies
● Pants
● Shorts
● Shirts
● Socks
● Swaddles
● Pajamas
● Blankets
● Bathing suits
● Burp cloths
● Baby shoes (adding these will help select outfits faster and decrease the likelihood of leaving the house without them!)

A quick tip for stocking the drawers of your baby’s dresser: try to roll any clothing items and other garments you can. By rolling their onesies, shirts, pants, shorts, and even blankets, for example, you drastically increase your organization and space you can use for other items! It’s a win-win.

Let’s not forget about the objects you should have on top of the dresser as well. These include a warm-lighting lamp and a wicker basket (to conveniently hold smaller gadgets and other miscellaneous items).

Changing Table
It’s no secret that the changing table is the most visited and utilized piece of furniture in your nursery. When you are using it to change your baby’s diapers and/or clothes, it needs to be properly cleaned and stocked with the right items (who wants to be searching frantically for wipes mid-diaper change?). Here are the necessities for your changing table:

● Diapers
● Wipes
● Diaper cream
● Pacifier wipes
● Bulb syringe
● Saline drops
● Contoured changing pad
● Baby powder
● Washcloths
● Nursing pillow cover
● Nursing pads
● Changing pad covers
● Changing pad liners
● Burp cloths (you can never have enough of these in different locations in your nursery!)
● Diaper pail
● Baskets to organize all your items

Setting up your nursery can be a little daunting but so long as you have a full understanding of what you and your family needs for it, then you are already on the right track to success!

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