Myths About IAS Exam


Most of you must be aspiring to crack the civil service exams conducted every year in India. For this, you must be taking help from the best IAS coaching in Delhi. Well, taking help from the coaching is pretty fair. But what about the myths that are already stuck in your head about the IAS exam? Yes, most of you are so guided by myths that you forget to look into reality.

Even though you get trained by the best IAS coaching in Delhi, getting rid of these myths is essential to achieve success in your path to glory. Let’s look into some of the common myths that civil service aspirants have about IAS exams.

  1. The civil service exam is the toughest of all

This is not true. To crack every exam, you need to follow the right strategy. Although the civil service exam is a lengthy process and takes more than a year to complete the exam preparation, this does not make it impossible to crack it. Since the IAS exam syllabus is vast, you can be a bit uncertain about covering the syllabus. However, if you follow specific strategies, the IAS exam preparation becomes much more manageable.

  • An IAS aspirant needs to study for 15-20 hours a day

Again, this is one of the most common myths that almost all IAS aspirants have engraved in their minds. Most of you believe that without studying for 15 to 20 hours, it is impossible to get through the initial selection process of the IAS. However, most IAS trainers and toppers suggest that 8 hours of studying is enough to crack the exam. But for these 8 hours, you should be fully focused and thoroughly go through all the study materials. 

  • An IAS aspirant should know everything

An IAS aspirant knowing everything is again a common myth that needs to be busted soon. First of all, the civil service exam has a defined syllabus which has to be followed by every IAS aspirant for his preparation. Second, an aspirant can choose the topics as per the importance of our society and nation. The bottom line is any civil service exam requires the candidate to have a clear understanding of the concepts.

  • For cracking IAS, you need to be a topper throughout your academics

For cracking IAS, you don’t have to have the highest marks throughout your academic career. Several IAS toppers secured average marks or even failed during their early educational life. So, whether you have a glorious academic career throughout your life or not, does not matter. What matters most is the perseverance with which you prepare for your IAS exam.

  • Read dozens of books to crack IAS

One of the main criteria to crack the IAS exam is to complete the syllabus. However, an IAS aspirant needs to go through a few books covering the various topics of their syllabus. It is better to follow one standard book for each topic. Another critical point that most aspirants miss out on is having clarity about each topic and concept. It is only by the clarity of expression that you can achieve solutions to the problems.

  • Coaching is mandatory for the IAS exam

Whether you need coaching for IAS exam preparation or not varies from person to person. Every year, several candidates crack the exam without attending any coaching classes. Besides, you will now find many mobile apps that provide study material for civil service exams. So, IAS aspirants always do not need the guidance of a coaching center.

Conclusion By now, the wrong notions that you had about IAS exams have been cleared. Whatever be the exam, hard work has no substitute. Therefore, work hard and succeed in all civil service exams.