Multiple Training Platforms


These days, training on anything, even as complex an app as Oracle P6 Training are now thankfully available online through Zoom, Webex, Microsoft teams or some such other platforms. This is done via sharing trainer screen and voice simultaneously.

Today, trainees are required to have Primavera P6 license. In the olden days before, Primavera online training days, Primavera P6 and sample projects are installed on all the computers of the attendees, all for temporarily educational purpose.


Everyone simultaneously watches and listens to live instructor screen and voice while doing practice on their own computers. Computer speaker and microphone are required, although webcam is not necessary.

Primavera Trainer training is delivered in interactive ways to everyone attending the Primavera online class. Both verbal and written communication between Primavera lecturer and students during training is actively pursued.

Everybody in the online Primavera class can ask questions and get answers immediately.


The online trainings are performed for all the student levels. The planned online Primavera training calendar for the following months is announced earlier with the registrants all signed up to join.

The total number of hours for the whole course may vary depending on the type of training. These online trainings are delivered either day or night time. Attendants can choose any date and time most convenient for them. (Night time training is suitable to those who are working daytime.)

The Primavera training

At present, Oracle provides online, open, in-class public, and on-site company-specific Primavera trainings. At the time of writing, the classroom-based training is being delivered online due to the pandemic.

There are also regular open classroom trainings in different locations as well as online classes every month. These P6 training options are designed to teach project management and planning theory according to PMI methodologies as well as practice.

There is a live instructor for the hands-on course. Also, anyone can call regarding private classes only for your team.

Other considerations

There is no difference at all between online and in-class trainings. The only difference is that you do not meet the Primavera instructor in person. Due to Corona Virus (Covid-19) and international travel restrictions, we do strongly recommend online live trainings in these days. 

The company also awards those who have successfully completed the “Project Management with Oracle Primavera Training” certificate. It is in English and is sealed and signed by Oracle Gold Partner. (A 70% pass score is required at exams.)

No experience necessary

Students do not need prior experience. The lessons do not only teach Primavera but also the basics of project management as well as the fundamental of planning techniques.

Primavera training also covers the subjects like project planning theory, concept of critical path method and earned value management principles.

Primavera instructors can travel wherever there are students. They are available all around the world in order to deliver training or consulting services. Sometimes, they also offer custom tailored Primavera training that suits the students’ requirements instead of the regular curriculum.

YES, our instructors can travel wherever you are. We are available on all around the world in order to deliver training or consulting service. We can also offer custom tailored Primavera training that suits your requirements instead of the regular curriculum.

Finally, there is also a free Oracle Primavera P6 (without my functional limitations) software demo installation for training. It will include sample training projects and case studies as well.

Primavera P6 will be available on user computers for 3 months to practice. After 90 days of the Primavera training, P6 software will be expired.

Some advantages

The online Primavera training is best for companies and individuals who want to get Primavera training at their comfortable environment like home or office, whichever is convenient.

The convenience is especially true to online night time students because classes start right after work time. There is no more travel time to think of and no violations of social distancing in pandemic conditions.


The only required necessities are the computer and the internet connection. It is not a requirement but is recommended that students have an additional monitor screen, TV or tablet. It shall be a big help to follow the trainer and the work on Primavera on their computer at the same time.

The standard Primavera course curricula are applied. Each student-trainee is given electronic documents, case studies, sample projects are given to all trainees.

The professional development units (PDU) and successfully completion certifications by official Oracle Partner is also provided at the end of the course.

Engineering and construction industry specialization

This particular specialization is awarded to only a limited number of companies who have successfully achieved all the requirements. It would mean that they have done many Primavera implementations and trainings for construction and engineering clients with great satisfaction.

All the trainers are PMP (Project Management Professional) certified. There are also PMP test preparation courses as well. These instructors are professional engineers working as Primavera P6 schedulers and planners with 20 years experience in the field.

Live presentations

This is delivered 100% live where the instructions will also be online during the Primavera course and all ready to answer questions.  The live presentation and the Primavera demonstration are led by live trainers.

His screen and voice simultaneously shred by attendants through online training platforms like Zoom, Webex, Teamviewer, Blizz and some more.

These online training options are affordable and require no travel for you and your employees. Each month, one of our senior schedulers and instructors hosts a virtual online Primavera P6 course.


Intermediate or advanced students can have custom private Primavera training options so that the Primavera subjects and functionality skills are delivered. The lessons are delivered on your most preferred days and times depending on your schedule.

Since you shall be the only attendant, the Primavera training and learning will be more effective, comprehensive, intense and usually shorted than those of public group trainings. One-on-one trainings give trainees opportunity to ask more questions and enable more participation.


The instructors are all available to go onsite, or host live virtual classes. These custom one-to-one courses can be anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days depending on your needs.

It also depends on the Primavera course materials, example projects, and case studies. These are defined based on recommendations after carefully evaluating your level with one of our instructors. You can always reach out to us should you want more information on one-on-one training options.