Moving to Cairns: Pros and Cons


Before a relocation, you must have knowledge about its benefits and limitations. Throughout the process of decision making, a well-structured plan will help you. If someone wants rainforests, wonderful scenery, great beaches, innumerable occasions for day trips, lively suburbs and atmosphere, a great set of bars, and most importantly job opportunities then you are reading the right thing.

Cairns is considered to be the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It is situated in the tropical North of Queensland and expanded to over 1,687 Kilometres per square. It is also very economical in terms of living. For example, its cost of living is 21% less than in New York. Furthermore, luxuriant sunny weather makes Cairns a sanctuary for backpackers and tourists. Moving to Cairns could be the best decision in your life. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of it.

Pros of living in Cairns: 


Rainforests are on the top of the list for those who love to live in a big city but have no fondness for big concrete buildings. Cairns brings you near the greenery. It gives you the chance to escape from the concrete jungle to the lush and dense rainforest island.

Vibrant city:

Cairns is the best regional city centre in Australia with many job opportunities, shopping centres, businesses related to agriculture, marine services and the tourism sector. The Cairns region has the largest employment rate in all Tropical North Queensland. There are also many adorable and captivating clothing stores cairns. Where anyone can get their wishful vogue clothes. During the pandemic, most people rely on online shopping and this elevates Australia to the eleventh number in terms of the E-commerce market in the world. Clothing stores cairns are in the trend, especially online stores which are replacing conventional stores. Clothing stores cairns are dealing in the latest summer clothes, Hawaiian shirts for beach parties and discrete swimming outfits.

Day Trips:

Many rainforests including the Daintree rainforest are the major luring charisma for many outdoor adventure lovers. Hike lovers can get a hike to the top of Walsh’s pyramid and traverse to Barron Falls. Aesthetic views from the top of it are just amazing.

Cons of living in Cairns:


Wet season humidity is at its peak. So, it is quite an unbearable thing. An air-conditioner could be the solution to avoid sweating all day. If you decided to move then an air-conditioner would be a great resort for you.

Congested traffic:

Riding or driving in peak hours could be a worse nightmare in Cairns especially on Bruce Highway. The roads are congested particularly during school holidays. To avoid this glitch, move a bit earlier in order to subsidise your time.

Hot summers:

The summers in Cairns could be hot with temperatures ranging from 23.5 to 31.5 degrees celsius. The summer months are called the wet season because it brings the most rainfall of the year. If a backpacker forgets to bring seasonal outfits with him then there are many clothing stores cairns that deal in rayon fabric clothes, which is the best fabric to wear in peak humidity because it absorbs moisture and is flexible.