Motion Graphics Animation Trends You Should Be Aware of in 2022

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Businesses can promote themselves by using a blend of creativity and motion graphics. The motion graphics landscape has evolved in the last couple of years.

As Covid-19 spread at the start of 2020, organizations started looking for alternatives to physical events. Their content creators and motion graphics companies found solutions in animations and stock footage. It led to experiments with motion graphics to deliver promotional material.

We are halfway through 2022, and animated motion graphics seem to be ruling all industries. It brings unmatchable creativity and utility to branding content, whether it’s a subtle in-app animation or a complete marketing video.

As an innovative area directly associated with advancements in technology, no surprise that video design trends are continually changing and modifying.

1- Blend 2D and 3D

Video creators have been combining various art styles in their work. When we merge two different elements, the product is always extraordinary. 

Mixing 2D and 3D motion graphics in animations isn’t a new trend and is still strong. Consumers enjoy the storytelling aspect it breathes in videos. 

A video production company in Dubai can avail of a wide range of opportunities if they integrate stop-motion into this blend. Other animation ideas include mixing 2D, 2.5D, and 3D motion designs. 

This trend allows businesses to make their consumers happy in a few seconds. 

Artists usually use these animation motion solutions in gaming videos and trailers.

Artists merge 2D and 3D animations and slip 2D over layers with motion. It is a commonly used example of this trend so far and is ideal to use in both small-scale digital advertisement videos and big-budget ads.

2- Kinetic Typography

Animators usually try to avoid playing around with fonts and typefaces as this can decrease readability, but not anymore. 

Breaking set rules of typography and daring to try new ways of putting up text is one of the hottest trends of 2022.

Motion graphics artists are now stretching, twisting, and deforming alphabets, and consumers are pleased with it. E-commerce stores and mobile apps successfully use kinetic typography in their animated videos.

This typography technique has blown life in the otherwise static element of design — text. In other words, when this effect is used, you will see letters moving around like animated objects.

And the results? They can attract attention to their brands, make their videos memorable, and show superior performance.

The written part moves in line with another design component or as a separate component. New motion graphic designers trying their luck with this technique must remember that the text should remain highly readable.

3- Broken Text

The use of broken text in motion graphics is also trending in 2022. This trend came along in 2021 when designers showed confidence in the likability of the broken text effect. 

Animators utilize broken or fragmented text in a motion graphics video to throw colors of mystery and magic. And people love this technique. Animators widely use it in gaming videos.

4- Thin Lines

Animators use lines to demonstrate objects’ shapes, give directions, and create a mood. Their newest experiment with lines deals with creating extra thin yet super- differentiating lines that look like original drawings. 

We are seeing a lot of animated explainer and marketing videos that use thin lines to draw images, adding a chic style to the animations. Customers are finding these videos adorable.

5- Morphing

We know that the motion graphics animation trends in 2022 have to cater to the short attention span of viewers. That is why morphing has gained traction this year.

Animators morph (change) an element into the other through a smooth transition.

Motion graphic video services providers use this trend in pictures, logos, characters, and other video elements. You can also import vector shapes to morph them or various items in pictures.

To understand its power, open a video with morphing effects. Your eyes will glue to the screen because of the energy it unleashes. You would be compelled to watch till the end.

If you are a website animator, use this method in the animated videos on your site. You will increase the time a user spends on your website,  boosting your SEO.

6- Animated Logos

Companies are desperate to stand out as nearly every business has an online presence. In this quest, media production house try to use animations in various branding items like logos.

They turn to animated logos to have a memorable and incredible digital footprint. It is one of the most loved trends in branding design. Motion graphics blow life into otherwise lifeless fonts and icons, making a business appear more enticing and versatile.

By allowing you to incorporate all kinds of visual effects, animated logos grabs customers’ attention in the best way possible. Unsurprisingly, giant companies are using this incredible animation idea.

A logo represents a business and its ways of working. An animated logo takes unexpected turns and twists, which shows that a brand likes to take challenges to innovate and create. They vibe off the uniqueness that customers can expect in that company’s products.

Animations also help to unlock secret meanings in a logo because you can rotate objects, enlarge components, reveal gradually, use morphing techniques, and more.

Bottom Line

2022 is seeing significant breakthroughs and changes in our lifestyle and global sectors. Our perception of the world and its beauty is also positively changing, which impacts motion design trends. 

When you use new techniques to attract your audience, motion graphics beautify your branding. We have compiled a list of the most significant motion graphic trends in animations of 2022. 

We hope you have gotten enough inspiration to use the latest motion graphics design techniques. Combine them with creative ideas to create a great promotional or branding animated video. These animated videos can boost your marketing strategy and help you create a robust digital presence.