Most Notable Advantages of Having a Mobile Home


If you are a first-time mobile home buyer, then this sudden change from a traditional home to a mobile home can be a bit daunting. Besides that, for a mobile home, there are many home sizes and designs, including materials, which you can choose from, and besides that, the options are infinite. Apart from all of that, mobile home buyers should also know where to temporarily or permanently park their mobile homes after they buy them. For instance, you can find mobile home parks in Oregon. Apart from all of that, moving into a mobile home comprises a learning curve a little bit. The benefits of owning this type of home will make it well worth the effort. Several benefits are there to moving into a mobile home. Let’s look at it.

Quality-Controlled & Safe Home

One of the things that you should know is that present-day mobile homes are quality-controlled and safe. Many people think that mobile homes are delicate to weather, but the housing institute points out that this is a wrong belief. People who are not aware of the common term, “mobile home”, mostly refer to houses built prior to 1976. Besides that, the houses that were constructed after 1976 are technically known as “manufactured homes” because during this time the US Department of Housing & Urban Development importantly raised the standards of quality and needs for these types of homes. Check out the RV Park in Pendleton, Oregon on the internet.

Apart from all of this, the recently developed homes are required to be up to the mark according to this code. It comprises of home heating, fire safety, air conditioning, plumbing, structural design, electrical system, energy-efficient construction, electrical system, transportation and all, as per the MHI. Plus, the organisation also says that present-day manufactured homes are well engineered for energy efficiency and wind safety in the geographic regions where they are sold. Therefore, if you are buying a home in Florida, you can rest assured that it is developed according to standards to withstand hurricane force winds. Also, the present-day mobile homes are held in place by steel anchors that protect the homes from the ground.

Save Money & No Burning Hole in Your Pocket

The biggest benefits of purchasing a manufactured home or a mobile home are the affordability and low cost. If a comparison is made between traditional site-developed houses and manufactured or mobile homes, then the latter offers more bang for the buck in terms of per sq. ft. dollars. As per the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), in the year 2015, mobile homes cost less than half as much as the estimated $100.65 per sq. ft. for a newly constructed house. At present, the organisation suggests that the normal cost for the new single-wide mobile home is $45,000. Plus, if you compare the cost of a newly developed site-built home, i.e., $379,500, you can see how much money you can save by buying a manufactured home or mobile home.

Whereas the monthly payment for a mobile home may be in the $100s, it is nothing compared to the payment for a site-built home in the thousands. Owning a mobile home is cheaper compared to rental rates. Apart from that, mobile homes are affordable and one of the best options for having a home and ownership without burning a hole in your pocket.

Mobile Home Owners Can Live a Simple, Clutter-Free Life

Life can be lived more simply in a mobile home. The common statement that follows is, “less is more,” with this attitude has been scientifically proven. Besides that, mobile homes also improve the mental health state of all who follow this lifestyle. There will be no clutter around the house, and the house will be free of clutter and other disposables.


So, for those people who want affordable and simple living with quality controlled, and safe homes, mobile homes are a perfect choice for them.