Bladder leakage or urinary Incontinence Toronto is the involuntary leakage of urine. It could be a temporary and reversible condition, varying from case to case. As it is an involuntary leak, men often find it embarrassing to take about it. This can prevent one from getting the help that they need. When there is no medical intervention at the right time, it can take the situation out of hand. Often men aren’t even sure about the help that they can get. If struggling with it, we are here to help you out.

Why you might be experiencing incontinence? 

Pelvic floor muscles and nerve system control the bladder. Certain factors can impact this bladder control leading to urine incontinence. These factors include increased age, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, neurological diseases, stroke, medication, spinal cord injury and enlarged prostate. It can lead to confusion in the nervous system which causes the leakage.

What are the treatment options available?

There is a misconception that urinary incontinence can only be treated through surgery. There are non-invasive treatment options that are available. They are safe and can bring about a drastic change in your life.

  1. Laser Treatment: It is a popular choice for targeting urine incontinence. The heat from the laser targets the tissues that are causing the leak. The heat helps to tighten and restore muscle strength. Any weakened, lax or damaged muscle can be targeted as the heat from the laser can easily penetrate deeper levels and reach the muscles. You can enjoy significant improvement without going under the knife or having a long recovery time. During the laser treatment, the thermal energy targets the tissues which generates the production of collagen and elastin, leading to tissue growth. With time, you will begin to see stronger, toned and thickened tissues.
  2. PRP Therapy: Also known as Platelet-rich plasma therapy, this treatment is become increasingly popular for targeting urinary incontinence. It makes use of the growth and healing factors present in the blood to restore healthy tissues, and strong muscles and improve blood flow. In PRP, blood is taken from the patient and spun at a high speed in a centrifuge. This separates the growth factors from other components. The serum that contains these growth and healing factors is injected back into the target site which helps to boost tissue strength elasticity and blood flow.

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If urinary incontinence is something you’ve been experiencing, it is time to get the help you need. Speaking to a male health care expert is essential. They will work to create a safe space for you, so you can talk about this freely. During the consultation, they will try to understand the concern and work with you to find the ideal treatment. It is the perfect time to raise your concerns and get the clarity you require. Taking this step can be daunting. Getting help at the right time can help you cope with it better. Book your consultation today.