Men’s Fashion: How To create your own personal style


A lot of times, men feel like they may not have as many fashion options as women. However, you can create your own personal style as you look into different fashion options and clothing. If you’re interested in showing off your personality and identify through your clothing, you should use these four tips to your advantage.

Do Some Research

Some men think they can’t do too much when it comes to style, but your options may surprise you. For example, many guys will stick to wearing shirts and jeans, but you can further adjust your style with other pieces of clothing. Make sure you go online, look at fashion magazines and see what fashion can offer you.

You need to note the different styles, clothing and colors that appeal to you when you do some research. From here, you can incorporate those ideas into your own wardrobe to customize and create your own style. After all, you don’t need to start from scratch: instead, look at fashion examples and incorporate concepts that you like.

Purchase Graphic Tees

Even something as simple as a t-shirt gives you the opportunity to show off your style. For example, many people will purchase shirts with logos, brands and shows they enjoy, which adds to their personal style. However, you could purchase your own cool graphic tees to really add to your personal style.

These types of t-shirts will have interesting, colorful and stunning designs on them. You can look into the cool graphic tees available and pick the ones that stick out to you. They will draw more attention to your clothing and further add to your style. You should look through the graphic tees available, so you can pick a favorite design that you want to wear.

Don’t Forget Accessories

Some guys become so focused on their shirts and pants that they forget about the accessories they can buy. For example, you could get rings, necklaces and watches to add to your style. Even though watches may not seem like much, a designer watch or an expensive one can add more personality to your outfit.

Depending on the occasion, and what you feel comfortable with, you can even wear hats that will fit your style. Some men wear hats often, so people associate that accessory with their style. You can easily look into different accessories and use them as an opportunity to show off your personality and style through the small details.

Layers of Clothing

Many people overlook layers when it comes to style. As you create your personal style, you could take advantage of layers to really add to it. For example, adding a jacket or coat to your outfit can make it look nice. This also includes putting a t-shirt underneath a button up shirt and leaving the buttons open to show off your clothing.

However, you shouldn’t add clothing layers if they will make you too warm. You don’t want to overheat your body, so make sure you use layers to either keep yourself warm or during weather where it won’t be a problem. Either way, layers are a simple and effective way to add more of your style to your clothes.


As a man, you have the opportunity to create your own fashion sense that will let you show off your style. By remembering these points, you can make your fashion known and clear to others. Make sure you see what you can do with your clothing to make yourself feel unique, cool and comfortable with your appearance.