Medical Marijuana and its Effect on Cancer

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Cancer is a serious condition that causes immeasurable pain and suffering to millions of people. It is caused by cells in a specific part of the body that grow and reproduce at an uncontrollable rate. Cancerous cells can destroy and invade surrounding healthy tissue, and even organs. Before cancerous cells spread around your body, they tend to start in one part of the body. Today, many in Florida are using Medical Marijuana for the debilitating symptoms of cancer and are improving their quality of life significantly. Medical Cannabis is proven to be very effective for chronic pain, decreasing nausea, and improving quality of sleep, among other severe cancer symptoms.

The benefit of Medical Marijuana in cancer has been established by multiple research and studies. If you or your loved ones have cancer, you can add Medical Marijuana to your treatment plan, if you have a valid Medical Marijuana Card. If you want to get more information on the Marijuana certification process, contact the experts at My Florida Green.

Medical Marijuana and Cancer

Breast and lung cancer are the two most common cancers, and many people suffering from them are turning to Medical Marijuana for symptom relief.

Breast cancer can have many symptoms, but the most noticeable one is usually a lump or thickened breast tissue. Some of the more noticeable signs of breast cancer are:

  1. A lump or swelling in your armpits
  2. A rash appearing on or around either of your nipples
  3. One or both of your breasts having a change of size
  4. Appearance changes of your nipple, like becoming sunken into your breast
  5. Discharge coming from either of your nipples. Some may have streaks with blood.

The exact cause of breast cancer is still unknown to doctors. Some of the most known predisposing factors that increase your chances are a family history of breast cancer.

Lung cancer is among the most severe and common types of cancer found in America. Lung cancer is severe because there are usually no symptoms or signs during the early stages, making it more challenging to treat once diagnosed. The symptoms develop as the condition progresses; the main symptoms of lung cancer include:

  1. A prolonged-lasting cough that gets progressively worse
  2. Frequently appearing chest infections
  3. Aches or pains when coughing or even breathing
  4. Constant breathlessness
  5. Persistent lack of energy or tiredness in general
  6. Loss of appetite or unknown weight loss

The most significant cause of lung cancer is smoking. Smoking cigarettes is responsible for 70% of all lung cancer cases.

If you want to use Medical Marijuana to improve your symptoms, talk to a Marijuana physician at My Florida Green, and start your Marijuana journey with their assistance.

How does Medical Marijuana help Cancer Patients?

Marijuana is a natural healing herb that is an effective treatment for many severe cancer symptoms. Cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, cause serious physical and emotional side effects to patients. Medical Marijuana is helping such people deal with these side effects better than any traditional medicine and significantly improves their quality of life. It is reducing pain, improves appetite and sleep, and the overall well-being of cancer patients. Medical Marijuana is giving excellent results in reducing pain from nerve damage and other extreme pain that people with cancer suffer, it is proving to be more effective than other traditional painkillers.

Medical Cannabis is also used to relieve vomiting and nausea in cancer patients. Both of these are common chemotherapy side effects. Medical marijuana can also help people who go through unexplained weight loss, a common lung cancer symptom. Marijuana helps people regain their appetite and improves their weight, and also helps with sleep and anxiety.

The Medical Marijuana product that is most suitable for your symptoms and your clinical conditions needs to be decided by a Medical Marijuana physician. My Florida Green has a vast network of state-licensed Marijuana physicians that will evaluate your reports and physical condition to determine which marijuana strain in which dose will give you maximum relief.

Possible Unwanted Effects of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana can also pose some harmful effects to some people who use a large amount regularly. The most common effect of THC is a feeling of high, but in some people, it may cause feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and unpleasant thoughts.

Smoking Marijuana delivers THC directly into the bloodstream and can also deliver harmful substances to users, similar to tobacco products. It is very important that Marijuana is taken under the guidance of a Medical Marijuana expert, who can evaluate your clinical condition before recommending the strain, combination, and dose of Medical Marijuana most suited to you.

Marijuana plants contain different strains with different levels of active compounds, making users’ experiences very hard to predict. The effects differ on how much and how regularly you smoke Marijuana. Similarly, ingesting Medical Marijuana orally can have varying effects on people. Chronic users may develop an unhealthy dependence on Marijuana, however. More research is needed to establish Marijuana addiction.

How can you legally become Eligible for Medical Marijuana Treatment?

You must contact My Florida Green if you or someone you love suffers cancer so that you can start the process of certification for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card. This natural herb has remarkable healing properties, and you can take this natural medicine now the process is quick, effortless, and marijuana cards are easily accessible.

Contact My Florida Green and speak with a compassionate advocate who is happy to discuss your condition, answer questions, and set up an appointment with a Marijuana physician near you.

Medical Marijuana Products and their Qualifying Conditions

Since every product has a unique effect on the body, Marijuana products are used to address different conditions. Various Marijuana Products are available in Sarasota with varying levels of THC & CBD are taken to get relief from a variety of symptoms; some of the most common ones are mentioned below.

Medical Marijuana products can produce adverse side effects in certain people. You also need to be careful of your daily activities before you choose a Marijuana product. This is why taking Medical Marijuana under the guidance of an expert is always recommended. Marijuana experts will not only evaluate your medical condition but will also recommend the product and dose that is most suited for your daily routine and lifestyle. For more in-depth discussion and guidance on Medical Marijuana Products reach out to experts at MY FLORIDA GREEN. They have qualified consultants and advisors helping thousands of people in Sarasota get a bespoke Marijuana recommendation.


It has been proved that CBD oil and any Marijuana product with high levels of CBD and low levels of THC can help cancer patients get relief from their debilitating symptoms. CBD helps people by relieving the pain caused by cancer. Easing nausea, stimulating their appetite, and helps them maintain a healthy weight.

It is essential to take Marijuana under the guidance of a Marijuana physician and not self-medicate. Medical Marijuana products are showing extraordinary results in the treatment of many conditions; however, more research is required to completely understand its adverse and side effects. To get more information on products, visit MY FLORIDA GREEN’S website. You can call to speak with a compassionate and knowledgeable marijuana patient advocate.