Mastering Club Adjustments: An Insight into Loft and Lie Machine


If you are an avid golfer, there is no doubt that you have encountered club adjustments at various points during your career. Whether it’s a change of loft or lie, these alterations can drastically affect how your ball flies off the tee or green. 

However, mastering club adjustments requires a comprehensive knowledge of golfing equipment. It also involves understanding the use of specialized machines that aid these processes, namely the Loft and Lie Machine. 

Do You Know?

According to a recent report, the wholesale sales of golf equipment across the U.S. touched a whopping 4,000 million U.S. dollars in 2022. 

This staggering figure underscores the sport’s popularity and the importance of understanding golfing paraphernalia, including the intricacies of using tools for club adjustments.

What Will You Learn?

As you dive into this article, you’ll grasp why every serious golfer should consider this tool. Specifically, you’ll uncover the science behind golf loft and lie angles and the unparalleled precision a professional-grade loft and lie machine offers. 

Plus, by the end, you’ll gain insights into other essential tools recommended by a leading golf equipment company. 

Eager to refine your game? This guide could be your game-changer. 

Let’s unravel the secrets together.

The Science Behind Loft and Lie Adjustments:

In golf terminology, ‘loft’ and ‘lie’ are key factors influencing the trajectory and control of your shots. 

The ‘loft’ refers to the angle at which the face of the club inclines away from the vertical, impacting the ball’s lift and distance. A higher loft results in a higher trajectory but a shorter distance, perfect for approach shots to the green. Conversely, a lower loft propels the ball farther but at a lower trajectory, ideal for driving off the tee.

The ‘lie,’ on the other hand, denotes the angle formed between the centerline of the shaft and the ground when the club is in a proper address position. 

What if the golf lie angle is incorrect?

A correct lie angle is critical for accuracy, ensuring the clubface strikes the ball squarely. If a lie angle is too flat, it causes the ball to move right (for right-handed golfers) and vice versa. It can also lead to ‘hooks’ or ‘slices,’ resulting in an inaccurate shot versus your intended target.

Understanding these terms provides a solid foundation for mastering club adjustments.

Diving Deep: The Club Loft and Lie Machine

Nothing beats a professional-grade machine when it comes to fine-tuning the loft and lie of your golf clubs. But to take advantage of it, you need to understand the proper functionality of this machine.

How to Use a Loft & Lie Machine?

The loft and lie machine operates with precision and ease. First, the club is securely clamped into the machine, ensuring it stays fixed and the scoring lines are horizontal. Then, using a specialized bending tool (brass or adjustable bending bar), you can manually bend the club’s hosel to modify the loft or lie. The changes are measured in precise degrees (manually or electronically), allowing for meticulous customization. The process is quick, accurate, and can be repeated until the desired adjustments are achieved.

A Pro Tip:

When using a bending bar on the club hosel, apply force in gentle bumps, not all at once, for precision and to avoid damage.

Standard Loft and Lie Angle:

Suppose you are using a #5 iron. The lie angles range from 61.0 to 62.0 degrees. Surprisingly, no tolerance is specified, leaving one to ponder the accuracy of a 61.75-degree specification. 

When examining the standard lofts of the same #5 iron, we see figures span from 21.5 to 25 degrees. Understanding these technical aspects is essential for accuracy and optimal club performance.

Want to learn more about golf club angles? Check out our detailed guide.

Detailed Guide: Loft, Lie, and Face Angles

Exploring Different Types of Loft and Lie Machines

These machines come in both manual and digital variants, each capable of adjusting a variety of clubs, including irons, hybrids, metal woods, and putters. 

So, let’s delve deeper into its top 3 variants offered by a renowned golf equipment company – Michell Golf.

  1. Mitchell Golf Steelclub®:
Mitchell Golf Loft and Lie Angle Machine for Irons, Hybrids & Metal Woods

The Steel Club Signature model represents the pinnacle in our  golf bending machine range. This machine, suitable for iron, metal wood, and hybrid clubs, employs Dual Precision Gauges. These gauges precisely measure and adjust loft/lie angles on irons and face/lie angles on metal woods and hybrids. The machine also serves as a specification gauge, simultaneously measuring loft, lie, and face angles with remarkable accuracy.

  1. TourGauge Digital Irons Machine:

The TourGauge Digital Irons Machine features a precision-engineered slide-bearing gauge on a highly accurate rail, ensuring measurements for both right and left-hand irons. Its LED display records loft and lie in 1/4° increments, and it can easily switch to measure left-hand clubs by adjusting the toe stop.

  1. TourGauge Digital Putter Machine:
Mitchell Golf TourGauge Digital Putter Machine

Regarded as the leading choice on global tours, the Mitchell TourGauge Putter Machines cater to all USGA-approved putter designs. This machine ensures exceptional accuracy and zero tolerance while adjusting for various hosel positions. It seamlessly accommodates blades, cavity backs, mallets, and even the latest oversized mallet heads for both right- and left-handed models, whether offset, non-offset, or with face progression.

What’s More?

For a more comprehensive selection of loft and lie machines, click here to explore Mitchell Golf’s extensive range.

A Glimpse into Other Club Adjustment Tools Offered by Mitchell Golf

Loft and lie adjustments are not the only customizations available to serious golfers. Mitchell Golf also offers a complete range of club-fitting tools designed for clubs, including golf club regripping tools and stamping kits.

  • Golf Club Regripping Tools:

A reliable grip is paramount to your golfing success. It’s the point of contact, dictating control, precision, and power. When your grip wears out—evident in hardening, fading, or slickness—it’s time to regrip. 

The golf club regripping tools by Mitchell Golf, like Grip Stations (portable, floor mount, and bench mount), Pro Tour Grip Vise (portable, vise mount, and bench mount), and Grip Tapes, ensure an accurate, professional-grade regripping. Their tools enhance stability, delivering tangible improvements in your game.

  • Golf Club Stamping Kit:
Stamping Fixture

Adding a personalized touch to your wedges is now effortless with Mitchell Golf’s professional stamping fixture. This commercial-grade tool ensures a secure hold on wedges of all shapes, ideal for precision stamping. 

Simply clamp it in a bench vise, and you’re ready to make perfect impressions without slippage. It’s an elegant blend of functionality and aesthetics, raising the bar for golfing equipment.

Transitioning to Industry Leaders: Mitchell Golf

For over 30 years, Mitchell Golf has been revolutionizing the golf equipment industry with its professional-grade golf club performance and repair equipment.

Our products are designed to take your game to new heights, from club adjustment machines for loft and lie angles to regripping tools and stamping kits. We offer a one-stop solution for customizing each of your clubs, ensuring a superior performance. 

Whether you need repairing tools, parts, gears, or even pre-owned products, Mitchell Golf is the way to go. We recommend you check our catalog for a comprehensive range of golf equipment. 

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