Market your senior center with these 4 offline promotion tips


If you own or work at a senior center, you probably already know how different it is from any other type of business. It’s not as easy to market to senior citizens as it is to the younger generation. They’re not as active on social media, they don’t care much for TikTok trends, and they’re used to ways that are a bit more traditional. 

But that’s okay. Sometimes traditional marketing is the way to go. All that matters is that you get more attendees at your next senior center event, and increase membership overall. Here are a few great marketing techniques to get you started on your senior center marketing. 

  1.  Utilize geo-fencing to send SMS alerts

They may not be very into social media trends, but almost all senior citizens own a cell phone. So why not target them directly through location-based text alerts?

Geo-fencing marketing allows you to advertise to people within a specific geographical location. You choose a radius that you want to market within, and send out SMS alerts or notifications so that people can engage with your business immediately. The blasts go out automatically to all the people with smartphones within that radius. 

Use sources online to help you figure out how to go about geo-fencing, and use it to grow your business locally. All you need is an app and GPS coordinates. Then you can set blasts to go out at specific times to people within the radius. Your blast should be brief and have a clear call to action, and your radius shouldn’t be too large. This will let your audience know your center is nearby and ready for them whenever they want to make an appearance. 

  1.  Put up posters

If you want to familiarize people with your brand name, one of the most effective strategies is to put up posters in your neighborhood. Post these posters in all public spaces – parks, bus stops, roadside benches, you name it. 

You should also put your posters up in other places where foot traffic is high, for instance, near office buildings, community centers, government buildings, restaurants, bars, etc. Just make sure to check local laws and regulations and get permission from building owners before putting up your flyers to avoid any inconvenience. 

You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to make the perfect poster for your senior center. You can use online design tools like PosterMyWall’s online poster maker to create your own senior center poster. For an ideal poster, add your center’s logo at the top, add in all your best services and necessary contact information, and include a QR code on one corner in case some of your potential customers want to access your website for additional information. 

  1. Send out flyers through direct mail

The best way to reach out to senior citizens is to send them all information directly to their homes. Sure, a lot of them will probably see your poster hanging up at the local grocery store or the newsstand while grabbing a paper, but you need to make sure you’re also reaching out to the ones who don’t get out much.

Create your own professional services flyers using online design tools like PosterMyWall listing your list of services for senior citizens and send them out through direct mail. Make sure you’re including every important piece of information your customers need to know in your flyers. Don’t forget to add in a variety of contact options, like phone number and email, so that senior citizens can contact you in whatever way they feel comfortable. 

As an added incentive to get people to keep your flyers and not toss them, you can add in a 10% special offer on an event ticket to those who bring the flyers in. 

  1. Put up an ad on television

While the younger generation might not watch a lot of television anymore, the older generation still does. Which is why a television ad about your senior center will definitely catch the attention of your intended audience. 

Another great thing about television ads is that you can show some great visuals of your senior center, and get it scheduled to air at a time when most of your intended audience will be watching a particular channel, like the local news. Use this opportunity to showcase the interior of your center, a few great clips of your senior events, and finish it off with your brand logo so people know who to contact. 

Final thoughts

It’s not always easy to market to senior citizens. A lot of them don’t respond to modern marketing methods the same way as the younger generation does. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to them in other ways. 

Use these tips to market your senior center and increase membership in no time.