Make Sweet Dreams Come True: Your Guide to Buying Pillows


Sleep is quite important in everyone’s life. A peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep can keep you healthy. Do you wake up with neck pain or body pain in the morning? This can be due to the use of worn-out or inappropriate pillows. It is high time that you replace your pillows. Pillows offer comfort and proper support for your neck, back, and shoulders. Using the right pillow can improve your sleep quality, and help you wake up pain-free. Do not be in a hurry when purchasing pillows. Before purchasing pillows, check out certain factors like sleeping position, comfort, etc. before purchasing pillows. Look out for a wide range of Wakefit pillows available online. You must be aware of certain things before purchasing a pillow. Here is a detailed guide to buying pillows:

Know The Different Types of Pillows

You can find different types of pillows on the market. Choose the right one based on the pros and cons of each of the pillow types. Here is a list of different types of pillows and cushions that you can choose from:

Standard Pillows: These types of pillows are commonly used. It is quite affordable and easily available. It fits any bed size. It is mostly made of polyester or cotton fabric. It may not suit people with different sleeping positions.

Cotton Pillows. These types of pillows were popular in the past. But it is considered the best type of pillow compared to synthetic pillows. The natural cotton stuffing present regulates temperature during sleep. People with allergies can use this type of pillow. This type of pillow demands regular maintenance.

Feather Pillows: These pillows are super soft and offer better comfort. It is made up of the feathers of birds. They are weightless and retain their shape even after continuous use. It retains heat and is hard to maintain.

Latex Pillows: Latex pillows are getting popular these days. It provides extra support for your neck and head. They are super soft pillows. Honeycomb cell structures make the pillows soft and comfortable. These types of pillows are ideal for people with spine or back issues. It is quite expensive but resists mites and dust. Use latex pillows as super soft cushions.

Memory Foam Pillows: These pillows have become quite popular in recent years. The foam bubbles present in this pillow adapt to the shape of your body. They are the most doctor-recommended type of pillow.

Gel pillows: The gel infused in this type of pillow keeps you cool. It is a bit expensive compared to other types of pillows. Use this type of travel neck pillow to avoid neck aches.

Your Sleeping Position Matters

You may sleep in different positions based on your comfort. Choose a suitable pillow or cushions based on your sleeping position. This offers better comfort and relieves neck and back pain. Here is a quick guide to choosing the right pillow type based on your sleeping position.

  1. Back Sleepers must use a thin pillow to provide the right support to their head and neck. It maintains the perfect level for your head. Go for down pillows or cotton pillows if you sleep on your back.
  2. Sleeping on your side puts extra pressure on your spine. You must use a thick pillow to provide extra support to your spine. A thick cotton pillow is ideal for side sleepers.
  3. People who sleep on their stomach experience body aches. Use a thin memory foam pillow to keep your head flat. It protects your body from pain.
  4. If you are a combination sleeper, you must choose a versatile pillow. Your pillow must adapt as you change your sleeping positions. A memory foam pillow or standard pillow would be the right choice for combination sleepers.

Choose The Right Size

Look for the right-sized pillows. Choose a pillow size based on your bed size. If you love to sleep on big-sized pillows, then go for king-sized pillows. Choose the pillow size based on your body type. Go for a small pillow if you are lean. Bulky people may need pillows. People who are tall must use king-sized pillows for the right support. Queen-sized pillows are commonly used by all. Euro pillows are square-shaped. They can be used as a back support cushion for your couch. Decorate your living room with Euro pillows. Travel pillows are small in size. This makes it easy to carry. You can use this type of pillow as a kids’ sleeping pillow during travel.

Decide On The Pillow Fill

Your pillow’s features vary based on the fill used inside it. The type of fill used determines how easy it is to wash your pillow. Here are the common types of pillow fills:

  1. Cotton is a traditional pillow fill. It is completely natural.
  2. Wool is a common type of fill. If you want your pillow to be soft and fluffy, go for this type of fill. Blended and unblended woolen stuffed pillows are available on the market.
  3. Polyfill is a synthetic pillow fill that is quite popular. It is an affordable option. This type of fill is mostly used in standard pillows. Choose the right fill when you buy a cushion seat pad.

Invest On Quality Pillows

The pillows you use impact your health. This is because it improves your sleep quality. Thus, invest in high-quality pillows. It might be a bit expensive, but it would last for years. Check the quality of the fill used in your pillows. This makes your pillow breathable. Also, invest in a quality pillow or cushion cover to increase the lifetime of your pillow.

Things To Know Before Buying A Pillow

  1. Choose a pillow that suits your mattress. Check if both offer a perfect alignment to your body.
  2. Rely on trustable pillow brands. Read reviews of popular brands and proceed with your purchase. 

Hope the information above will assist you in choosing the best sleeping pillow. Spend some time finding the perfect pillow. Sleep well and have pleasant dreams.