Make a style statement during your pregnancy with these fashion hacks


Being fashionable is not a one-day job. It is a continuous process of choosing the right kind of clothes and at the same time feeling comfortable too.

Pregnant women, irrespective of their country, such as the UK, may find it difficult to stay updated with the fashion because of the baby bump.

As the bump grows, it may make women feel unfashionable and uncomfortable with the current fashion trends.

According to research, 6 out of 10 expecting mothers do not feel fashionable during their pregnancy. Nearly three fourth of the women feel shapeless and frumpy with their bumps.

Most women miss out on wearing their skinny jeans, making them feel out of the fashion league.

What does the Research Say?

As per the topmost fashion magazine research, most of the expecting mums face a challenge in what to wear with their changing body size and shape. It becomes a task to stay on top of fashion.

Many moms try and buy clothes that are 2-3 plus size from their current size to hide their bump and increase waistlines under the oversized tops.

Many women admitted to wearing clothes equivalent to a tent’s size during their pregnancy to stay comfortable.

Only one-fifth of women wore clothes designed explicitly for the maternity phase, which complemented their changing body size and shape.

Few of the women wore clothes as per their size and recycled them throughout their maternity phase.

Due to the ever-changing fashion trends, many women may feel out of the league and may feel demotivated. There may be a financial constraint also to match up with the current fashion.

Some women may feel that they need emergency money now to buy the latest trends in the UK and feel good about themselves.

Research reveals that pregnant women felt the most anxious about their wardrobe before any social event, special occasion, or wedding.

Ideally, this should not be the way how pregnant women should feel and be stressed about their clothes. Pregnant women should feel comfortable in what they wear and choose their dresses according to their changing size.

A Few Tips to Reckon

Feel comfortable yet fashionable in what you wear. Here are few tips to help women worldwide stay fashionable and stylish during their pregnancy phase.

1. Opt for your usual size

It is advisable to buy your usual size. Some pregnant women may feel about buying extra-large sizes to accommodate their increasing bump.

But extra plus sizes may be ill-fitted to you from your standard size arms and shoulders. These plus-size clothes actually may make you look one size bigger than your actual size. 

Hence, it is essential to buy your usual size to make you look your actual size.

2. Pick soft fibers

Your pregnancy may make you feel uncomfortable or allergic to specific fibers. Also, there are particular seasons to wear specific fibers.

You would not want to wear polyester at this time of year, especially when your body is preparing to welcome another life. Be very careful in purchasing the fibers as it should allow your body to breathe.

Avoid synthetic fibers, too, as they are too tight on the skin. If you are going to the office, you can choose cool cotton shirts which may give a simple and casual look.

3. Dress up in a suit

You can opt for a well-fitted suit as per your changing size. Instead of trousers, you can opt for a skirt as it fits according to the changing shape. Choose a decent color that can go with every accessory, and you can pair it up with your neutral shade footwear too.

4. Buy adjustable sizes

During your pregnancy phase, it is advisable to buy adjustable styles and expand and retract as per your body size. You can recycle your clothes even after the birth of your baby. 

Choose quality over quantity. During your last few months of pregnancy, buy clothes that will go with your size post-birth too.

5. Wear comfortable undergarments

During your pregnancy, it is essential to wear comfortable undergarments to make you feel comfortable in what you wear and boost your confidence at the same time.

Wearing undergarments according to your size will help you carry any piece of cloth most stylishly.

6. Play with colors

When you buy your maternity wardrobe, you can experiment with the color pallete and get to know the best color that suits you.

Mix and match colors to give you a chic look during your pregnancy phase. Sticking to complementary colors will save your time and money and make you less panic about choosing your clothes.

7. Handy extenders

You can opt for few handy extenders to not create any hassle with the changing size. There are many gadgets available to facilitate you during your pregnancy. A bump band at this time is an essential gadget.