Looking For Wholesale Mailer Boxes?

Wholesale Mailer Boxes

You can always find custom mailer boxes for your business that match your personality, brand image or color scheme. You can give your customers a brand-new look in their office or shop by using custom mailer boxes as they have several advantages. They can be used to hold many different types of products like paper, wood, magazines, videos, CDs, DVDs and more. They can make an excellent way to promote your business and you can use different types of mailing bags for different products. You can create mailing bags for every product in your store and have them stand out from the rest.

Looking Custom Mailer Boxes

You can also use these convenient and grand looking custom mailer boxes in a whole new manner to give your clients new monthly subscriptions of their favorite regular products. If you provide a subscription form, you can easily place it in the mailbox of your clients. If they are happy with what you have sent out, they will not mind subscribing to your magazine or to a newsletter that has information about the type of products that you sell. All they have to do is to check the monthly delivery and they are good to go!

Order Cardboard Subscriptions

You may want to use a custom mailer box for special sales that you run regularly. These products can help you add some excitement to your store and can be a great way to encourage your regular shoppers to continue to buy your products. When you mail these subscriptions out you are encouraging people to purchase what you are offering, thereby increasing your sales. You may want to order cardboard subscriptions from a local printer; however, you may want to consider a foam insert for your box to ensure that your clients receive their mails each month in an appropriate fashion.

Custom Sizes of Mailers

You can also order custom sizes of mailers. You may find that if you have a certain size or shape in mind that it is more convenient to order the actual item in bulk. For example, if you have small flower arrangements, you can order these in various sizes and then you will only need to make one box. This is very helpful for those who are constantly travelling. For instance, if you have a shop in London, you can order custom sizes of mailers that will enable you to deliver your flowers wherever you are in the world, as long as you have access to a printer.

Custom Mailer Boxes

You may also choose to get custom mailer boxes if you like the idea of promoting a local business or charity. There are many ways in which you can do this and one way is by use offset printing to get custom sizes of your materials. Offset printing will allow you to print directly onto thick cardboard which will enable you to create brochures, postcards and leaflets. This is a great way in which to promote locally based businesses and charities.

Create Mailing Bags

If you would like to create mailing bags there are numerous options available. One way is with foam inserts or bespoke mailers where you can get your envelopes printed with your choice of color, shape and design. You can also get custom boxes which are designed specifically for bags or suitcases. These are often called bespoke luggage handling equipment.

Variety of Materials

When you are looking custom mailer boxes you will be able to choose from a variety of materials including wood, cardboard, leather, paper and plastic. These will all vary in price and quality. If you want something that is particularly striking, you may want to consider getting bespoke wooden mailers. These will provide a striking look and will also be stronger and will last longer than standard materials.


If you are looking to order custom mailer boxes, whether online or from a local supplier, you will need to know the measurements of the area in which you want them placed. You will find several different sizes from which to choose so make sure to have an idea of the space you have available before you begin searching. You should also be aware that you will sometimes need to pay extra for large or oversized boxes. In addition, you may find that the price of wholesale mailers is higher than that of retail boxes. These extra costs are usually associated with high quality designs and good packaging.