Locked Out of Your Car? Here’s What To Do

Locked Out of Your Car? Here’s What To Do

You’re rushing home after a long day of work with your mind on a million things. All you want to do is get inside and start relaxing into the evening. You slam the car door, walk up to the house and realize you don’t have your keys.

They’re still in the locked car. Now you’re locked out of your car, your home, and you’re freaking out. Wait, don’t break a window!

If you’re locked out of the car, here is what you can do!

Check the Doors and Windows

Okay, your keys are inside the car, you’re outside the car, and you’re starting to panic. Once you notice that your keys are still in the car, it won’t hurt to check all the doors, windows, and even the trunk.

This might be your first instinct anyway when you notice the key is still inside. But there’s a chance that a door didn’t close properly or a window is just low enough that you can gain re-entry into your vehicle.

With some luck, there might be a faulty mechanism that kept the lock from working properly, allowing you to get back inside.

Phone Family or Friends

Alright, all the doors are locked, the trunk is shut, the windows are up, and the keys are still inside. What do you do now? It’s still not time to panic; locked keys in the car is still not the end of the world.

If you couldn’t gain re-entry into your vehicle through a rogue unlocked door, next, you should call a family member or friend. It’s good for them to know the situation you’re in just in case they have to come to pick you up.

But if they have access to spare car keys for your vehicle, that would be even better. Of course, this might not always work out. If you’re far from home or no one has access to your spare key, you still have another option.

Call a Professional Locksmith

So, no one can drive your key out to you. Things might be looking desperate, but you haven’t run out of hope yet. This is when you call a professional car locksmith like Advanced Locksmith.

These lock experts will come to your location and help you get back into your vehicle in no time. They have professional tools, so you won’t need to worry about breaking a window and damaging a lock trying to open it on your own.

Just be sure you have an address, approximate location, or accurate description of your car, so they’re able to find you. They can get that lock open, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Locked Out of Your Car? No Worries, No Broken Windows

Getting locked out of your car may seem like the end of the world. But you have options that don’t involve breaking a window to retrieve your keys. First, take a deep breath, then try these tips to get back into your car.

It’s important to consider your location as well and keep yourself safe while you wait for help to arrive. You’ll be back behind the wheel in no time.

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