Living On A Sofa? Here’s How You Can Make It Better


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A sofa is one of the most important pieces of home furniture because it is the base for decorating your living room and it is the centre of many activities in a household. Many people use it as a dining table as they like to watch TV and have dinner, others prefer to lie down for an afternoon nap, or it is a spot for families to watch their favourite shows or movies. With many things going on, it is important to have a robust and good-quality sofa that lasts for years. Not just that, it should be elegant, trendy, comfortable, and suit the lifestyle. There are many websites like Wakefit where you can shop for quality sofas, but how do you find a comfortable one? Let’s find out? 

Purpose and Who Will Use the Sofa

First, determine the usage of the sofa as that helps you select the features based on the purpose. Will you be using it to watch TV, relax, read or use it in a formal setting? If you use it for relaxation and reading purposes, you will need an exceptionally plush and comfortable sofa. On the other hand, if the usage is for parties and get-togethers, you should buy something that has luxurious upholstery so that it is visually appealing and comfortable. 

After determining the usage, figure out who will be using it the most and where; for instance, if your family has someone tall, they would appreciate a deeper seating. On the other hand, if you have elderly with bad knees, a tight back and a harder cushion make it easy to get out of the sofa. Check out the Wooden sofa set online, as these are ideal for people looking for a firmer cushion. If you have a young family with tiny tots, then a lower sofa is preferred so that there are no accidents. If you have guests often but don’t have a guest room, use the sofa as a bed, then a sleeper sofa would be ideal.

Check the Quality of Construction

One of the important aspects that determine the durability and strength of a sofa is the frame. A long-lasting sofa will have a sturdy frame. Sofas made from hardwood are more durable than those made from softwood as they warp or become unstable after a few years. Avoid frames made of cheap materials as they crack easily on regular use. As part of the sofa frame, the legs should be held using screws and not with glue alone. A solidly constructed frame will have wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, metal screws, and brackets. For extra reinforcement, nails or staples are used. 

Wondering how to check these if you are shopping online? Reputed manufacturers mention the construction in the product descriptions, which indicates the quality of construction. 

Choose Proper Fabric

To ensure that the sofa is comfortable and looks best, it is essential to choose the right fabric. If you have pets or kids, you prefer something durable and easy to maintain. So silk and leather are not the ideal choices even though they are luxury sofa sets as these are high-maintenance. Textured fabrics are great as they are more durable and do not wear and tear easily. While choosing the fabric, choose colours that complement the interiors of the space. Ensure that the fabric is of premium quality so that they do not pile or fade easily. 

Stuffing Inside the Cushions

Whether you choose a sofa design for a small living room or a big one, determine whether you need a deep comfortable cushion or an overstuffed one when looking at the living sofa design. However, balancing too hard and a too soft cushion is important as going to extremes means easy breakdown. It is recommended that you choose a high-resistant form as it is long-lasting and more comfortable. 

Create a Proper Setup Around the Sofa

If you are someone who does not like to move around once you are comfortably seated, then having a proper set-up around the sofa is essential. Every corner of the sofa should be easily accessible to a side table or a coffee table. Stay away from designs and layouts that make you move from the seat to get something. The coffee table or the side table should be almost the same height as the sofa. The TV should be at least three meters away from the sofa for proper viewing. You can also choose a TV unit to match the interior of your living room.

So the above are some of the factors to consider when buying a modern sofa set. When you follow these, you are making a worthy investment that you can utilise for many years to come and also help you enhance the decor. Choose a sofa that gives you ultimate comfort while watching your favourite movie with your loved ones.