Living it Up: The Benefits of Booking a Private Charter Plane

Living it Up: The Benefits of Booking a Private Charter Plane

Do you travel often?

How you reach your destination matters just as much as where you plan to go. Commercial flights may seem convenient. But they also carry the potential for unloading unwanted baggage onto passengers, driving anxiety high during travel.

Avoid the turbulence of traveling with the masses. Read on to learn the benefits of booking a private charter plane instead.

Save Time

Whether you roam around for business or pleasure, the less time it takes to get to your destination, the better. The average traveler spends about 133 minutes in each airport they arrive at.

But what if you could cut down on the time it takes to travel? You can by booking a private plane.

Commercial flights often hit delays or run into cancellations, causing frustration. This can set a series of mishaps into motion. Private jets run into these issues less often as the bigger planes from larger fleets run into more problems.

Flying on a private jet also cuts down your waiting time. Simply arrive with enough time to get yourself through airport security.

Avoid Crowds

Nobody loves the idea of rushing through a crowded airport to catch their flight. Covid-19 adds an actual health risk to the anxiety of crowds.

Private travel uses a fixed base operator (FBO), eliminating the need to subject yourself to this. Park in a designated lot and use buildings separate from the general public to make your trip more manageable. 


Commercial airlines tell travelers when they can fly. When booking a commercial flight, you decide your departure time.

You might even book just a couple of hours in advance. They only need enough time to ready a jet for flight. This creates convenience for travelers who need last-minute accommodations for time-sensitive matters.


Airlines set up commercial flights to maximize their profits. They want to fit in as many passengers as regulations will allow.

While you can opt for first-class, it significantly raises the cost and still does not offer the travel amenities of a private jet.

In a charter plane, you will sit in comfortable seating and enjoy a very personalized space. Without outsiders, you may listen to your music out loud and make yourself extremely comfortable.

No need to worry about unkempt neighbors, unruly children, or crying babies. Sleep or act a little rowdy with nobody to please except yourself.


The average commercial aircraft seats 138 passengers. People touch seats as they walk by and share cabin air.

On top of the increased risk caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, you need to worry about other communicable diseases spreading. Charter planes offer a sanitary environment that does not put you at high risk of catching an illness.

Book a Private Charter Plane

Traveling should get you excited to explore new destinations, experience unique opportunities, and see people from far away. But commercial travel often conjures up a great deal of stress.

Eliminate your anxiety by booking a private charter plane for your travel needs. Before taking off, check out our travel page for helpful hints!