Little Known Facts About Cleaning Company in Dubai – And Why They Matter

Cleaning Company in Dubai

Are you looking for a cleaning company in Dubai? Make sure your choice is best: your Cleaner(s) will be on your premises every day to ensure cleaning in workspaces that are likely to change. Including cleaning, your cleaning company can provide you with considerable help in managing your offices or setting up an eco-responsible approach for your premises. It’s not a much easier task; remember things you have to consider when choosing your cleaning services in Dubai? Our answers, with Cleary.

Why should you Hire a Cleaning company in Dubai?

A company that is an expert in commercial and industrial cleaning is the only one with the equipment essential for cleaning work. In addition, they have experts that can easily handle their working tasks at any time with high-quality instruments. Approaching industrial or commercial cleaning proficients is a sure way to enjoy unparalleled cleanliness inside your premises. Their qualitative services deserve appreciation because they can clean everything too small. 

Only a professional cleaning company in Dubai can guarantee cleaning that complies with all the regulations in force. Several constraints in industrial cleaning today tend to ensure the safety and well-being of all personnel. An industry that does not comply with all these standards may incur sanctions significantly when the health risks extend to populations. Finally, having recourse to the best cleaning services in Dubai is, Newomniyat will allow you to save considerable time. Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution in the long term.

The main tasks to be performed

Some tasks are common to most workplaces as per facility cleaning protocol. These include, among others:

  • to ventilate the premises,
  • degrease and clean all surfaces in contact with the palms of the hands: elevator controls, window, and door handles, telephone handsets, coffee machines, etc.
  • to dust the work surfaces, but also the seats, the monitors, and the shelves in the office cupboards in particular,
  • to clean and disinfect the sanitary facilities while refilling hand towels soap and replacing toilet paper as needed.

The Cleaning Protocol for The Premises Also Involves Other Tasks, Which Are:

  • A dusting of radiators and other machines present in the offices,
  • The dusting of air ducts and light fixtures,
  • The cleaning of the common areas, namely the meeting room, the kitchen, the refectory, etc.
  • Emptying bins and replacing bags,
  • The cleaning of floors and surfaces, which must be polished and dried afterward.

Although some people take advantage of office cleaning to wipe down their computer keyboard, it should be remembered that this task is often not included in the specifications and is not part of the cleaning of business premises. The reason is simple: cleaning a keyboard connected to a running computer is a sensitive task because pressing keys simultaneously can trigger hidden functions and thus alter work on the workstation.

Toxic Free Cleaning Chemicals

Being the best cleaning company in Dubai, we have deployed several concrete actions to express this strong commitment to sustainable development. The choice is 100% ecological with the use of non-corrosive products. The majority of conventional cleaning products are composed of chemical or synthetic substances. Therefore, they can cause skin and eye irritations and trigger allergies such as breathing difficulties. On the environmental side, they pollute water and generate packaging waste. Promoting the application of green products limits the depletion of our planet’s natural resources.

Aware of the impact and toxicity of these classic household cleaners, Newomniyat is trying to use toxic-free products. Green cleaning products are made from renewable plant materials: rapeseed, sugar, amino acids, etc. They are also biodegradable and therefore less harmful to the environment: fauna, flora, groundwater, and human health.

Monitoring And Analysis of Maintenance Services

To ensure the proper follow-up and the quality of cleaning services in Dubai, choose a company that manages each of the services delivered to you from A to Z. The organization of the follow-up of our services offers both a precise control of our interventions and a global vision of our service. This system allows us to demonstrate optimal responsiveness and anticipate and constantly improve our services.

A Single Service Provider for All Your Spaces

To optimize the management of the cleaning of your offices, we recommend that you choose a service provider based on the following criteria:

  • study the area of ​​intervention of the cleaning company (local, regional, national);
  • the type of professional spaces treated (warehouses, offices, coworking, etc.);
  • the size of the cleaning company and the pool of available employees;

Are you looking for an emergency cleaning company in Dubai? At New Omniyat, we maintain a permanent service thanks to the implementation of team rotation. We intervene on simple requests with different companies: start-up, coworking spaces, restaurants, shops, hotels, construction sites, etc. Finding a service provider at the last minute has never been easier, but as the best cleaning services in Dubai, we will be your last time companion. 

The Reputation of The Cleaning Company in Dubai

There are several methods to know the reputation and quality of service of a cleaning company. However, the most used means are social networks and Google reviews. Customers are the best ambassadors of companies; their opinions are widely listened to and considered. The consumer evokes his own experience and point of view. Therefore, if you must rely on testimony to choose a service provider, you can rely on this indicator. It is an excellent guarantee of confidence.