List of business-friendly cities in Florida

business-friendly cities in Florida

If you have been thinking about starting a business or relocating your already existing business from one place to another, you should definitely consider doing this in Florida. Florida is considered to be one of the best states for having a business. The reasons why this is so are endless. One of the reasons is that there are plenty of business-friendly cities in Florida. Having your own business in one of these places is nothing but a good idea. So, if moving to Florida is a possibility for you, here is where you will be able to read just which cities in Florida you should consider moving your business to or starting a business in.


Of course, that the first city on the list of the most business-friendly cities in Florida is Miami. It is one of the biggest cities in Florida. Not only do millions of people live in Miami but millions of people also visit Miami every year. This is just one of the things making Miami a perfect place to start a business. The more people, the more possible customers. When starting a business, this is just one of the things you have to think about.

We also cannot skip over the fact that Miami is already filled with hundreds of businesses which makes partnering up much easier. But this also means that the competition is big. And having competition is not a bad thing. Having who to compete with will make working on bettering your business much easier as you will have more motivation and inspiration. Learn just which are the best Miami neighborhoods for your business.

Miami is a great place to move your business to as there are hundreds of office buildings. Finding an office is going to be an easy task. And moving into the office space in Miami will be a much easier task as you can team up with specialists to make your corporate move faster and easier.

Miami skyscrapers
Moving your business to Miami is a good idea


After Miami, there is Tampa. Tampa is a beautiful city in Florida and not only having a business here is a good idea but so is relocating with your family. As this is so, plenty of families have been moving to Tampa over the years. And this has influenced the city’s growth in many ways. As plenty of people are moving to Tampa, plenty of them are also starting businesses. But there is a reason why so many people decide to start a business in Tampa.

Tampa has no income tax. When you add the fact that it is an affordable city to live in, you get a perfect place for a startup in Florida. The cost of office spaces has not grown too much making it a lot easier to invest in a commercial property. Even if you are renting, finding an affordable space to rent is possible. The labor cost is not high either which is another plus. Employees are easy to find as the city is full of young people who have moved to Tampa in order to find a good job and start a family.

A lot of people have moved their business from other cities to Tampa as it is a good place to have a business in. And if you decide to do the same, Big Man’s Moving Company can help make relocation a breeze. This goes for both your corporate as well as your residential relocation.

Tampa neighborhood.
Tampa is not only a good place to have a business in but a good place to live in as well.


The biggest city by area size in the whole country is Jacksonville and it is definitely one of the best business-friendly cities in Florida. Not only because of the fact that it is big but also because it is diverse when it comes to everything. People from all over the world come to Jacksonville. And among them, there are a lot of people who started a business. This is why now Jacksonville has thousands of both big and small businesses.

You might assume that there is no space for your business in Jacksonville but you would be very wrong. People move to and from Jacksonville all the time and so do businesses. No matter what, if you feel like this is a city for you, you shouldn’t abandon this idea.

If you decide that Jacksonville is your moving destination, you will be thrilled to find out that finding an office is as easy as finding a home is. There are plenty of office buildings with empty offices but new buildings are yet to be built. You do not need a lot of money to be able to rent an office space in Jacksonville. You also don’t need a lot to rent a nice home. Moving to Jacksonville is a good idea no matter what! 

Having a business in one of the biggest cities in the world is nothing but a good idea.Jacksonville skyline.
Having a business in one of the biggest cities in the world is nothing but a good idea.


Orlando attracts a lot of attention from people all over the country and the world because of Disney World. And that for you as a business owner is a big plus. Having a business in a city where people from all over the world come even just for a couple of days is very helpful. Spring and summer is when the city is the busiest. This is when people come to Disney World and it will also be your business’s time to shine!

Take advantage of the fact that millions of people pass through the city of Orlando. Not only do millions pass through the city but millions also live in Orlando. Orlando is very densely populated. Because of this, many industries have developed over the last decade and now Orlando is one of the biggest business centers in Florida. Starting a tech company here is an especially good idea. It is also quite a beautiful city to live in, especially for those of you who are planning on moving with a family. It is safe and very family-friendly, not just business-friendly.