List of Adventure performs in Parks


Arrow based weaponry

Utilizing bows and bolts to fire at focuses in a restricted and assigned safe territory.


Remaining out for the time being in tents either in a campground or in a far off setting.


Bigger, open performance or twofold boats controlled by the occupant(s) utilizing a solitary bladed oar on lochs, waterways or streams.


Climbing/plunging rock precipices or reason constructed indoor man – made dividers utilizing expert gear.


Inflatable elastic kayak/kayak, rowed by two people on moving water

Canyon Walking/Scrambling

Travel by strolling, scrambling, swimming and hopping, wearing reasonable attire and utilizing expert gear up either a dry or wet canyon/waterway bed.

Slope walk

A stroll up or across far off slopes just as less far off strolls along nature trails, waterways and pathways and so on different activities perform adventure park in Dubai


Little, encased performance boats controlled by the inhabitant utilizing a twofold bladed oar on lochs, trenches or streams.


Finding different markers and focuses showed on guides to discover either codes or replies to riddles and issues. This movement might be distantly managed (see beneath) all together for the members to get the most gaining from the action.

Mountain trekking

Going along streets, tracks and trails utilizing reason fabricated off-road bicycles.

Force drifting

Experience controlling our amazing powerboats on a determination of courses.

Far off Supervision

In certain cases members might be some separation from their gathering chief or Instructor because of the idea of the action for example Orienteering or Duke of Edinburgh campaigns and suitable estimates will be set up to deal with the movement.


Utilize the breeze to move our Small cruising dinghies reasonable for a couple of individuals, around our 16 section of land loch at James Hamilton Heritage Park.


Going down either snow inclines or man made tangling on either a couple of skis or a solitary snowboard.

Stand Up Paddle boarding

An extraordinary wellness action requiring great equilibrium, utilizing an oar to move yourself around our loch at a speed you wish.

Group Building

Exercises utilizing props and devices to reproduce circumstances which require collaboration, correspondence, tuning in, participation, inspiration and so forth all together for the gathering to be effective.


Utilizing the breeze to move around the loch utilizing a scope of windsurf sheets, our windsurf sails are appropriate for all from absolute amateur to the further developed.