List of Common Car Parts You Should Know About

car parts
car parts

Every responsible car owner needs to have an understanding and significant knowledge about the vehicle they own. It’s a simple thing to know how your car works and the important parts of it. You should know about car parts to educate yourself. As a result, if you are stuck in some unexpected situations, you will be able to manage the risks easily. However, no matter how much you educate yourself regarding the car parts, you might come across an emergency situation on the roads where you would have to call for professional help.

Let’s check them out the list of common car parts:


Power turns back into movement through the transmission. By using transmission, the generated energy from the engine is transmitted to the wheels then it starts moving. Thus, it is somehow responsible for the generation of speed in your vehicle.

The clutch

The clutch makes your driving smooth by moving from gear to gear. You can switch your gear with the help of a clutch. When the car is in neutral, the clutch allows the transmission to keep running after you push down on the pedal. The car would stand without the availability of a clutch.

The Radiator

The radiator protects the engine from overheating. Before going back into the engine and picking up more heat, the coolant gives off all the heat from it into the air. The radiator is a car part that saves your car from the issue of overheating.


Pistons help in pumping smoothly and quickly. The gasoline explosions are in check by handling through pistons. Pistons help you to determine the horsepower of your vehicle.


Brakes play a significant role in the car among all the other car parts. These set of wires directly connects itself to the engines and thus, stops the car from accelerating whenever the driver pulls on the brakes. You should be careful while using a car with improper brakes as it might lead to severe accidents. Thus, if you hear any squeaking sound, then it is advisable to contact a professional immediately.

The Battery

You can’t even turn on your car without the availability of a battery. So, the responsibility of  keeping your car’s battery in good condition is absolutely yours.


The wheels of your car wouldn’t be able to rotate without axles.

The engine Fan

Through the engine fan, the air keeps flowing over the radiator, which helps to make the process of cooling the engine easier.

A Spare tire

Technically a tyre is not a car part, but keeping one spare tire in a car is most important for a vehicle owner. Because towing your car for a tire is not fun for anymore.

Air Filter

The air filter will help you to be safe and away from the causes of sneezing because of AC in your car. In addition, it keeps you away from getting allergies.

The Pressure Gauge

Similar to a car tire, the pressure gauge is also not a car part, but this helps the tire inflate properly. The consumption of gas is less by using this tool.

The Alternator

While the engine is running, the alternator helps in charging the battery of a car. Leaving your lights on when the engine is not running can kill your battery.

The Muffler

Your car will be away from the uncontrollable disturbance by using a muffler. From the combustion in the pistons of the engine, there is the production of gas which generates loud noises straight into exhaust valves, and the muffler tones it down.

The Catalytic Converter

This tool helps in reducing the emission from your vehicle.

A Car Jack

With a spare tire but no tools, you will be unable to change the tire of your car. Thus, a car jack will come in handy most of the times.


The names of the parts of the car might seem like foreign languages. However, a car owner should have basic knowledge about essential car parts that helps you in taking care of your vehicle. A car comprises several mechanical and electrical components that make it a complex machine. Through this article, you can understand the significant parts of an automobile.