Lilos Portable Blender


Smoothies on the go? Check out our portable blenders.

Are you busy running errands, at the gym or even taking a vacation? You’ve come to the right place. Wherever you are, never miss having your favourite fruity smoothies or shakes. Lilos Portable Blender is the perfect partner to make iced smoothies and protein shakes whenever you need them, on the go.

So, what is a Portable Blender?

Although small in size, they’re powerful in practice. Our Portable Blenders are compact blenders that you can take pretty much anywhere you go. Whether you’re taking a vacation, on a camping trip, or even at the local gym, a portable blender will keep you refreshed no matter where you are – add some enjoyment to your post-workout refreshments.

Lilos Portable Blenders are rechargeable packs powered through USB connections from main sockets to laptops and power banks – you can even use your mobile phone. The blender is equipped with built-in 4000mAh high-quality batteries that are easy to recharge using the USB charging port – and they’re super easy to use too. Lilos Portable Blender is fully user-friendly with a battery power indicator light and comes in a variety of colours. It has 6 stainless steel blades and with its high speed, with making your fruity smoothie in under a minute. The hidden USB port and non-slip base design provide a safer user experience.

Grab all your favourite go-to ingredients: fruit, veggies, protein powder (if you have it) and start blending your tasty, fresh beverage. Being light-weight and compact, they only have room for one smoother. So, if your friend fancies a smoothie, what better birthday gift?

Yes, Lilos Portable Blenders are powerful, but with smaller sizes comes lower wattage. A portable blender won’t have the same level of power as a kitchen product. But this doesn’t make the smoothies any less tasty. It’s also important to remember to cut your ingredients smaller than you would at home for the best smoothie results. The 4000mAh battery and 7.4V rated voltage allow the portable blender cup to serve you fresh smoothie cups every time. With a maximum single working time of only 30 seconds per smoothie.

Lilos was born from a desire to curate a healthy lifestyle, no matter where you are – and never miss out on a tasty smoothie. Whether you’re an athlete, office worker – or even looking to lose weight – enjoy a healthy drink or snack on the go – you can literally blend anywhere.

What are the benefits of using the portable blender?

They may not live up to the standard of gadgets on the worktop but for a portable blender, they are powerful. With small chopped up food, they can easily process your fruit and veggies into a delicious snack. Besides easy on-the-go smoothies, what are the other benefits of having a portable blender?

Easy to use: Place your ingredients in the blender and at the press of a button, you have a great smoothie, shake or frozen drink in seconds. The portable blenders are really easy and completely safe, even kids can use them (just make sure they’re supervised first). Lilos Portable Blenders have a safety feature installed that prevents accidental activation. The blender can only operate once the safety light is on.

Easy to clean: Being small and compact, portable blenders are extremely easy to clear. A quick rinse and dry, the blender is ready to go again for your next smoothie.

They make little to no noise: Unlike home appliances, portable blenders make limited noise. It’s almost silent so there’s no need to worry about unpleasant noise while out in public.

Versatility: As well as being portable and compact, the blenders are versatile equipment. No more crying over chopped onions. Don’t just use your portable blender to make delicious drinks, chop food with it too. A quick and easy way to speed up meal prep – only is dry eyes in the house.  

But why did the product come about, and who’s the name behind it?

Launch of Lilos Portable Blender, and the entrepreneur behind the brand

Lilos Portable Blender was launched back last year, on January 1 2021. Since its launch, the Portable Blender has been a popularly used product by many. Whether an athlete, traveller or someone looking to improve their lifestyle, Lilos Portable Blender has made it easier than ever to get your favourite smoothie or shake, wherever you are.

The product came to life with a young entrepreneur, Vikeen at the helm. The inspiration for the product came from the desire for healthy living and convenience while out and about. “I had always wanted to be my own boss,” Vikeen said, “and I always wanted to have my own product like this.” The manufacturing and branding have all been done by Vikeen and the Lilo brand. The overall goal for Lilo is to grow as a brand and create contracts within manufacturing to bring the best quality kitchen products to the industry.

New product coming soon

With the increased popularity of portable blenders, Lilos is manufacturing a brand-new kitchen product that’ll be coming very soon. This will not only be a game-changing experience for the Lilo brand but showcasing how young entrepreneurs can achieve their goals. So, keep an eye on our website and social media platforms for more future updates.

Staying healthy on the go has never been easier. Browse our selection of colour portable blenders to level up your smoothie game. Charge it, throw in your ingredients and voila – you’ve got your favourite smoothie. It really is that easy.