LetsQA let your boredom out, and play with friends

anonymous QA

There have already been many apps you must have used to send your friend an anonymous message or receive one and share it on your social media profile. Or, you have had apps that allowed you to play with your friends, like the ‘how better your friend knows about your daily habit’ game. However, we are about to introduce you today tone of the best popular apps over the internet, in the internet arena, “LetsQA.”

Like all the other social media-based apps, this one also works on all sorts of social media platforms such as Instagram, Whats app, Facebook, Reddit, etc. 

What’s special about this “LetsQA” app, then? Yes,unlike many other apps, this one lets you ask anonymous questions andreceive anonymous answers. You can engage in a battle here on the LetsQA app with your friends to know answers to questions like, what do your friends think of you?

If the answers match your expectations, you are free to share the result on Social Media. The app will live up to your expectation. And there are fewer ways for this app not to create anonymous answers and level your expectations.

And No matter what, the safety of its user gets ensured as it uses world-class AI-based content moderation techniques, Natural Language Processing (NPL) &profanity-checking algorithms to filter out toxic language and bullying.

Getting anonymous messages- replies to your strange queries and getting anonymous votes are easier now than ever with LetsQA.  Moreover, LetsQA lets one compare among the friends in terms of knowing each other through engaging in the “Expectation vs. Reality” game!

If you ever feel bored, happily be on anonymous QA, and pass your time without absorbing any melancholic vibe of your surroundings. And if you are with your friends and are up to having fun, be on LetsQA and check how interesting, lovely, beautiful, and enthralling our life is!