Let’s Compare Practice Fusion EHR Software vs. DrChrono EHR

Let's Compare Practice Fusion EHR Software vs. DrChrono EHR

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are the first step toward a more advanced and modern healthcare system. The best EHR systems combine a user-friendly interface with excellent and attentive customer service at a low cost. Instead of troubleshooting technological problems, you should spend your time providing outstanding service to your patients.

Practice Fusion EHR Software

Practice Fusion is a web-based solution that helps small, specialized health clinics handle tasks including scheduling, charting, labs and imaging, drug prescribing, and revenue management. This integrated electronic health record management software makes it easier for you to provide quality care to your patients and communicate with them. Dermatology, cardiology, mental health, physical therapy, etc., are some of the specialties supported by Practice Fusion EHR Software. The key features of Practice Fusion include the following.

Clinical Charting

Practice Fusion offers thousands of medical charting templates for you to customize according to your workflow. The feature minimizes clicks with automatic favorite lists. You can choose from a provider-specific list of commonly used diagnoses, prescriptions, and pharmacies for faster charting and less manual entry. The Practice Fusion EHR Software automatically arranges patient information and templates in your medical notes with customizable shortcuts.


Practice Fusion enables you to deliver prescriptions to your patients’ local pharmacies remotely, allowing them to receive their medicines sooner. With a simple two-click workflow, you can complete prescription refill requests electronically. e-Prescription also avoids prescription fraud with integrated prescription details sent directly from the EHR.

Imaging and Lab Integration

Practice Fusion offers you to view instantly shareable lab results. Diagnostic and lab test findings can be viewed directly in your patient’s chart, with abnormal results highlighted to help identify care needs. 

You can share the results electronically with your patients using the patient portal. Another significant benefit is that you can easily refer and share your patients’ test results and clinical charts with other healthcare providers.

Billing Module

Practice Fusion will help you get paid quicker whether you handle billing in-house or via a billing service. Practice Fusion provides the most advanced web-based medical billing software that integrates seamlessly with your EHR.  You can electronically check insurance eligibility and record patient copays in your EHR before, during, or after the visit.

Patient Engagement

Practice Fusion helps you cut down on expensive patient no-shows, increase patient satisfaction, and save time on the phone for your employees. Text, audio, and email updates with confirmation are also available in Practice Fusion’s EHR subscription.

DrChrono EHR Software

DrChrono is a mobile EHR, practice management, and billing solution for medical practices of any scale. This Software is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. It also provides a cloud-based electronic health record software that you can access from various locations via the internet. It is a low-cost EHR solution that allows you to take advantage of new technologies while still streamlining your workflow.

DrChrono EHR Software provides various benefits to help you streamline your administrative and clinical tasks. The key features include

Practice Management System

DrChrono provides an advanced practice management system customized to your practice’s needs, regardless of the size of your setup. By automating most administrative activities, the practice management system streamlines the workflow.

Medical Billing

Medical billing is critical to your practice’s financial success. DrChrono’s medical billing feature integrates with the EHR and the practice management system. Integration with several clearinghouses also allows you to meet all of your billing requirements.

By successfully managing the billing process, DrChrono excludes numerous data entries and the risk of human error.

Patient Portal

The patient portal in DrChrono EHR Software helps you to connect with your patients quickly. Patients can use the patient portal to view their medical records, make appointments, and access lab test results.  Patients can take control of their wellbeing by accessing care plans and educational resources.

The patient portal sends automatic reminders to patients before each visit to reduce no-shows and increase sales. Patients can also pay their bills through the internet.


Telemedicine is a critical feature, particularly in the event of a Pandemic. DrChrono EHR Software has a Telemedicine function that allows you to schedule and perform virtual appointments directly from your computer.

Revenue Cycle Management

DrChrono’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) helps you keep your profits stable while giving you more time to focus on patient care. DrChrono has a competent team of medical billing and coding specialists who are up to date on industry developments and best practices to assist you with all of your medical claims.

Which One to Choose?

Every practice is different, and each EHR solution will have slightly different requirements. The trick is to understand DrChrono EHR and Practice Fusion EHR’s essential features, integrations, and support. While all of these factors are essential, and you should consider each one of them. Reading multiple user reviews and asking for feedback is also a good idea. Before making any decisions, we also suggest that you thoroughly investigate all choices that meet your needs.