Lectera.com – EdTech platform designed for your career advancement and upskilling


Lectera.com is an international education platform that was created in 2020 for those looking to build a successful career and be in demand on the job market. Using the innovative Fast Education teaching method, Lectera.com offers a revolutionary way to learn. Just 15 minutes a day are enough to master a new skill: you can study directly at lunch or on your way to work. For modern employees who are struggling to advance their careers, this is especially true. It is, however, difficult for them to find time to attend offline courses or to obtain a second degree. You don’t need to spend 2-4 more years studying out-of-date material to get your diploma with Lectera; just a few minutes a day and an Internet connection are all you need. 

Lectera offers a variety of courses in the most popular job market segments, including business, sales, soft skills (flexible skills like emotional intelligence), women’s leadership, and many more. Each course is developed by a group of international Lectera experts. The content is filtered at several levels to select only the most effective methods and tools that have been proven to work. 

A Lectera course usually consists of 7-10 lessons of 7-15 minutes each. The duration of the course ranges from 40 minutes to 3 hours. The course is offered in English, Hindi, German, Spanish, and Russian. By switching the language of the course, you can obtain a foreign language professional vocabulary. As you complete the assignment, you self-evaluate your ability to move on to the next topic. The tests and cases teach you how to navigate and apply the knowledge you have gained.