Learn To Lay Zinc Roof Like A Professional


Zinc is an amazing choice of roof material for people who have large budgets and are looking for a product that never needs replacing. If your budget is not that big, and you do not want something that has as much durability as zinc, a metal roof that looks similar to zinc can be a better value alternative. Metal roof panels painted to look like zinc roof offer similar benefits as zinc while being much cheaper.

Metal roofing

Metal roofing is difficult to replace separately because of how metal panels are joined, typically requiring the entire panel to be replaced. Metal roof materials installed as larger panels are harder to replace when damaged than single shingles. 

Stamped, shingles-like metal roofing is more prone to dents, as there is less airspace between metal panels and roof cladding. Underside corrosion can happen if you are using granulated underlayment or installing directly on top of shingle roofing. This can scrape away at the protective backside finish and make a metal roofing system malfunction from within.

Lay it according to the instructions

For these situations, a heavy-gauge metal is generally a better preventer for denting, but some manufacturers also offer foam inserts to hold down the bottom side of stamped, shingled roof panels. Some lighter-weight metal products can fit directly on top of a pre-existing, well-maintained roof, making the overall installation easier and eliminating the expense of pulling out your original roof. 

Depending on local building codes, you can potentially save on installing a new metal roof by installing it right over existing asphalt shingles. You can probably recoup part of the metal roof costs in the future since you probably will never need to replace it.

Cost-effective metals

There are more cost-effective metal roof options, such as steel panels, that typically cost a little less, and higher-end materials, such as copper roofs, that generally come in at the higher end, with replacement costs for a new roof that can run as much as $48,000 for installation. 

Metal roofs are 100% recyclable, and many metal roofing manufacturers use between 25% and 95% recycled materials when manufacturing their products. In addition to the maximum amount of recycled materials used in manufacturing, metal roofs can generally be resealed to extend their lifespan rather than having to be replaced completely. 

Metal roof systems are a greener choice because they are made with 30-60 percent recycled materials (and are 100% recyclable) and can be installed on top of your existing roof, eliminating the cost out-of-pocket as well as the environmental impacts of taking down and disposing of your old roof.

Long-lasting materials 

Metal roofs are long-lasting and weatherproof, and with the other required parts, including safety gear and necessary nails, washers, and tacks, the ideal metal roof for the long term is possible. With Zinc, you can build a roofing system that is perfect for your unique aesthetic. Because of the malleability of the material, zinc gives builders and architects the ability to build almost any roofing design that their imaginations will allow. 

In the end

One potential solution is to use a lighter color of zinc in the zinc roofing, so any staining, which looks similar to a white peel on an orange, is less noticeable. Learn more at Litcore.ie.