Learn about health insurance coverage available for HIV patients


Although we often do not come across HIV patients, the numbers of them have doubled up in the last decade. As a matter of fact, India has the third-highest number of HIV patients in the world. When you have HIV/AIDS, you often would need to visit the doctor for consultation or treatment. And in one such situation, a health insurance plan can help you a lot. Even if you are visiting a doctor every now and then, you will not have to spend a lot of money. So, let us take a look at the number of health insurance for HIV patients.

Star Health Net Plus Plan

This is one of the best health insurance plans which have been designed especially for HIV/AIDS patients. Let us discuss the features of the policy here.

  • If you have already been infected with HIV/AIDS, the policy can be issued to you
  • The expenses of the pre-medical tests are covered under the insurance plan
  • Every detail that has been mentioned by you will be under complete confidentiality
  • At the critical stage, you will get the necessary financial support
  • To get this plan, it has to be proposed by an NGO or a governmental agency
  • You have to be a member of the NGO or government agency that proposed your name.

Manipal Cigna Global Health Group Plan

This is basically a corporate health plan. This is bought for an individual who falls under the age group of 18 years to 95 years. The mobile professionals along with their families who have to travel for their work in and outside India are covered under this plan. In terms of COVID-19 treatment, the expenses that are covered under this plan are mentioned herein below:

  • Medical costs that are incurred towards the HIV related conditions are covered under this plan
  • AIDS patients are also covered under this plan
  • The plans offer coverage for AIDS-related complex (ARC) and even the variations. The pre and post-diagnosis consultation  are also covered
  • Apart from these, the expenses of medicines, routine checkups, dressing, nursing fees, and hospital charges are also covered, if opted for.

Niva Bupa Health Premia Individual Health Insurance Plan

This is yet another health insurance policy that covers the treatment of HIV/AIDS patients. However, there is a waiting period of 48 months. The plan comes in three variants as Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The sum insured amount is from INR 5 lakhs to INR 3 Crore. Nevertheless, the coverage for HIV/AIDS is subjected to the terms and conditions of the policy.

If you have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, you must immediately buy health insurance. You would definitely need treatment and health insurance will be helpful in saving some penny. However, before you finalize a health insurance policy, you must go through each of its features as well as the terms and conditions. Make sure you check everything about the health insurance policy so that you do not come across any last-minute surprises.

As you search for health insurance policies, you can take a look at the website of IIFL. You will come across several of them. Make sure you use the health insurance premium calculator to find out which insurance plan is perfect for you. Using the health insurance premium calculator will help you to understand if you will be able to continue paying the premiums in the future without any problem. Now without taking any more time, you can visit the IIFL website and check out all the health insurance policies that are perfect for HIV/AIDS patients. Do not forget to read the terms and conditions minutely.