E-Tender UP | latest Uttar Pradesh Tender Notification

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Post pandemic, the UP government has become quite active in the field of e-tenders. If you are a part of MSME or own a small organization, it is time to look for e-tenders for more growth and development. BidAssist is a platform where you can search, bid, and keep a track of tenders without any hassle. Keep track of every available e-tender UP on BidAssist. You can collect data and information about e-tender UP from various govt portals such as  E-Tenderhttps://eprocure.gov.in/eprocure/app 

  1. Military Engineer Services Tender 

With this tender, you will have to do some repairing work for JCOS, Mathura. The job must be performed in two different phases. Be sure to contact the tenderer of the e-tender UP to learn more about the contract!

  • Opening Date: 23rd September
  • Closing Date: 22nd November 
  • Tender Amount: INR 4.76 crore 
  • EMD Cost: INR 5.51 lacs 
  • Document Cost: INR 2,000
  1. Indian Army Tender

A unique contract on its own, this tender is all about providing onion, potato, garlic, and lime to the Indian Army consulate in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. 

  • Opening Date: 8th November 
  • Closing Date: 29th November 
  • Tender Amount: 89.54 lacs 
  1. Indian Army Tender

This tender will ask you to construct a hot mix road from Raibaerly Road to Yedvashpur Road. The other details on the contract will be available in its documents. 

  • Opening Date: 8th November
  • Closing Date: 30th November 
  • Tender Amount: INR 71.83 lacs 
  • EMD Cost: INR 5.60 lacs 
  • Document Cost: INR 8,496
  1. Directorate General Defense Estates Tender

If you are looking for an annual maintenance-based e-tender UP contract, then this one should be your go-to option. You will need to perform the task on the structures in Gandhi Bag’s slaughterhouses, meat shops, etc. 

  • Opening Date: 1st November
  • Closing Date: 22nd November 
  • Tender Amount: INR 1 crore 
  • EMD Cost: INR 2.50 lacs 
  1. Department of Infrastructure and Industrial Development Tender

The DIID tender will offer you the opportunity of producing a heavy-duty programmable three-knife trimmer machine. Additionally, you will also need to add various safety devices and accessories to the products. Check out its documents to learn more! 

  • Opening Date: 1st November
  • Closing Date: 30th November 
  • Tender Amount: INR 65 lacs 
  • EMD Cost: INR 1.30 lacs 
  1. North Central Railway Tender

Contrary to any other e-tender UP on the list, this one is a combined contract. Here, you will have to do repairs of quarters, colony roads, connecting buildings, etc. Additionally, you will also need to complete some miscellaneous projects.

  • Opening Date: 27th October
  • Closing Date: 24th November 
  • Tender Amount: INR 72.28 lacs
  1. Ministry of Power Tender

With this tender, you will need to make customized bids for different services. It may include insurance of isolators (two sets) and supply freight. 

  • Opening Date: 1st November
  • Closing Date: 1st December 
  • Tender Amount: INR 63.27 lacs
  1. Northern Railway Tender

This contract is all about making allotments or leases of FSLR parcel space in train no. 04205. The vehicle will be originating from Ayodhya Cantonment Station in Faizabad. It will have an overall carrying capacity of 3.9 tonnes. So, you will need to work on the basics first before taking up this contract!

  • Opening Date: 9th November
  • Closing Date: 10th December 
  • Tender Amount: INR 65.22 lacs 
  • EMD Cost: INR 1.00 lacs 
  • Document Cost: INR 1,180