KSA Fitness Centre’s generated over $800 Mn in revenue in 2020. Can the KSA fitness industry sustain it? : Ken Research


1.  People in KSA, regardless of their age participate in Fitness Activities such as Walking, Cycling, Running or have a membership at a Fitness Center

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Children and Adolescents Aged 5-17 Years

  • 50-60 mins (1 hour) or more of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity on a daily basis.
  • Boys usually prefer outdoor activities such as Cycling, Soccer, Basketball while girls prefer indoor activities such as gymnastics, swimming, and others.

Youth & Working Professionals Aged 18-39 Years

  • At least 150-300 minutes a week activity are carried out and are usually driven by Expat population.
  • Moderate to high intensity activity such as Cardio, Weight Training, Aerobics and Swimming.
  • $300-$800 is the average spending by Youth & Working Professionals Aged 18-39 Years.

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Middle Age Working Population Aged 40-64 Years

  • At least 120-200 minutes a week of moderate to low intensity activity are carried out
  • Low intensity activity such as Walking, Strength Training and Yoga to manage work, stress and sedentary lifestyle.
  • $700-$1,200 is the average spending by Middle Age Working Population Aged 40-64 Years.

Older Adults Aged 65+ Years and above

  • At least 90-150 minutes a week of activity are carried out to develop immunity.
  • Low Intensity workouts such as Walking and Yoga are carried out.
  • 1,000-$1,700 is the average spending by Older Adults Aged 65+ Years and above.

2. The Fitness Industry in KSA contributed 0.11% of GDP Revenue in 2020 employing a Total of 18,968 people in all types of Fitness Centre Establishments

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  • Urban Population growth (1.8% in 2020) along with increase in consumer spending (10.1% increase from 2015)1 has significantly led to increase in average number of members per fitness centers.
  • Virtual access or ‘workout from home’ offered by gyms and fitness studios are on the rise. Personal Trainers have acquired revenue share of slightly over 20%+ in the total Saudi Arabia fitness services market size.
  • The market will benefit from the opening of more five-star properties or the growth of existing star hotels like Radisson and Hyatt. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, over 163 hotel projects with 72,617 rooms (91 Four Star Hotels and 72 Five Star Hotels) will debut.