Kratom in Oklahoma: 3 Tried-And-Tested Ways to Fight Tolerance


As you take kratom daily, at one point in time, you will realize you aren’t feeling the full effects. Your regular dose seems to not work as effectively as before. This is normal. Our body develops tolerance to a particular substance when taken regularly. Our brain receptors become less sensitive to the effects of the alkaloids present in kratom. 

Experts call it “stagnant strain syndrome” in which your brain receptors get used to the same strain and dose of kratom and, eventually, stop getting affected by it. 

Due to the fact that kratom in Oklahoma is easily available online, people do not hesitate in increasing their dose when they find their original dose is not working. But, you must dig into the root cause of why your original dose is ineffective. 

The most obvious sign of stagnant strain syndrome

You find yourselves increasing the dose frequently, but experiencing the same degree of effect that you were getting with the earlier doses. 

If this is happening to you, worry not. Here are a few tips to fight this syndrome. 

1. Keep a gap between two doses

Suppose you took kratom tea in the morning on an empty stomach. Now, avoid taking it for several hours. It would be best to take it the next day or maybe in the mid-afternoon; but not before that. 

Taking kratom too frequently can also make your body develop tolerance. 

2. Rotate strains

You may like the red strain and want to stick to it. You love taking your Red Bali Kratom Capsules the first thing in the morning, but hey, avoid making it a habit. Avoid taking the same strain of kratom every day, advise experts. Try other strains. 

If you notice the sign of stagnant strain syndrome, the first thing to do is switch the strain. Oklahoma kratom shops sell different strains of kratom, so you shouldn’t have a problem changing the strains. 

You would get bored eating the same food every day, wouldn’t you? Similarly, your brain receptors get “fed up” with receiving the same alkaloids every day. Eventually, they stop responding to the particular strain. 

Changing strains gives your brain a fresh new “kick” similar to what you experienced when you took kratom the first time. Keep rotating the strains and enjoy the maximum effects of this Asian herb. 

3. Use kratom potentiators

Potentiators are foods that increase the effectiveness of kratom. Turmeric, coffee, green tea, citrus fruits, black pepper, grapefruit, watercress, magnesium, cayenne, and akuamma seeds are excellent potentiators of kratom. 

For example, if you love kratom tea, add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Or you can have a cup of coffee a few minutes after you toss and wash kratom powder or take a capsule. 

Instead of frantically searching for kratom near you to increase your dose, try the above tried-and-tested tips to break free from the tolerance. 

If you are new to kratom, use it in the lowest dose. Avoid taking it daily. This way, you can prevent developing tolerance in the first place. Try new strains. Once in a while, you can use potentiators. Experiment with newer ways and schedules to take the herb and your brain receptors would never get bored with it. 

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