Key Points to Remember When Advertising for Law Firms

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When it comes to internet marketing for Law Firms, there are a lot of moving parts. And pieces that must be combined to create a successful ad campaign. Law firms who do not advertise online are missing out on a great way to get in front of potential clients. With the number of people using search engines and social media outlets. You might not be getting exposure to the people who need your services.

First and foremost, we should break down all the components of a legal PPC ad campaign: Landing page design and Quality Score Keyword selection Ad copy testing. When dealing with a quality score, you want as high as possible. If your quality score is too low (and 1-2 can be pretty damning). Then no matter how low those costs per click are, they will eat away at whatever profits you’re trying to make off your Google Ads ad campaign. 

The best way to improve the landing page design and law firm copywriting is through extensive A/B testing. There are a number of metrics that go into the quality score attributed to your law firm PPC ads. Including historical click-thru rates on ads for keywords similar to those you are bidding on. So when creating landing pages for law firm pay per click campaigns. Make sure they are loaded quickly and are easy to navigate through. Many law firms use WordPress as their CMS (content management system) platform of choice because of its simplicity and flexibility.

Lawyers looking for legal advice online may become frustrated if they land on a page that isn’t exactly what they were looking for or, worse yet, if the page has already timed out.

Keyword selection to input into your ad campaigns is probably one of the most difficult tasks. When it comes to PPC advertising for law firms. First and foremost, you want your PPC ads to show up. When someone types in a query that’s related to legal services (i.e., “criminal defence lawyer,” “personal injury lawyer,” etc.). But is not too competitive (i.e., “best criminal lawyers in NYC,” “NYC personal injury attorneys,” etc.). Not only will you have to make sure your landing pages are well optimized and designed for conversions (which we can help with). But also that your ad group is properly structured and configured with an eye towards reducing costs and increasing conversions.

Moreover, you always want to include your geographic area. If you do not, people may assume that you are too far away and never click on your ad, especially if the company is new to the area.

Since PPC ads drive traffic to your law firm website, you want to make sure that you are tracking the right metrics in order to make sure your legal pay per click campaign is successful. The most important metric (at least when it comes to measuring success) is conversions. Then what’s the point? You know. However, if someone from Google did a search for “criminal defence lawyer near me” and clicked on one of your ads. Came to your page and left their contact information so they could get a free consultation – THAT would mean success! In this case, you should track conversions as calls/contacts or, even better, by appointment.

A successful PPC ad campaign for a law firm is a finely-tuned machine. That not only attracts high-quality leads but also decreases your cost per conversion and increases conversions as well. Law firms should work with companies that have extensive experience in the legal marketing arena. Companies like Solicitors Marketing have created and optimized hundreds of successful. PPC ad campaigns for law firms in the UK and worldwide. 

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One of the key things about PPC is that it allows you to fine-tune things based on performance. If you start getting low conversion rates, then try changing up some things – change the ad or change the keyword list, for example. Always give yourself time to refine and test different aspects of your campaign before moving forward with full-scale implementation. A new law firm may not be able-ready for such an undertaking without first testing out the waters and making sure they have a dedicated budget.