Keep Your Car Clean In Foggy Weather with These Top DIY Tips

Keep Your Car Clean In Foggy Weather with These Top DIY Tips
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Ensuring utmost safety during driving is always recommended. You need to keep your car clean during bad weather conditions. It is always recommended that riders should adopt extra security and keep safety accessories handy. The car windshield is the most crucial part that needs to be appropriately cleaned during winter. A dull or hazy windshield will eventually block visibility and cause accidents.

It is only sometimes possible to postpone necessary plans due to foggy weather. Therefore you can take a few preventive measures before setting out to drive. Firstly, you should clean the car windshield’s surface and ensure that it offers clear visibility. Secondly, check the condition of the rubber inside the wiper blade for car. A damaged rubber will not clean the glass of the windshield efficiently. Replace the rubber if needed.

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Top 5 DIY Tips To Keep Your Car Clean During Foggy Days:

Lower The AC Speed: 

The air-conditioned interior is heaven for most drivers. But most often, the difference in temperature between the inside and the outside can make the glass surfaces and the windshield blurry. You can quickly lower the rate of fogging on your windshield’s surface by reducing the AC’s speed. 

This will make the temperature inside the car match that of the temperature outside. This will help you stop the accumulation on your windshield and drive, ensuring your utmost safety.

Use The Windshield Wipers:

If you are uncomfortable with lowering the AC’s speed, you can also use your windshield wipers to keep the windshield clean. A blurry or foggy windshield will increase the risk of accidents on roads. While your car windshield wipers are built to eliminate water droplets and clear the vision, why not use them during winter?

You can quickly get rid of the blurry windshield with a few strokes of the blade of your wipers. If you want better vision, spray some cleaner and set the wipers in motion for a few minutes to get a clean glass surface.

Allow The Air To Recirculate:

Letting the air recirculate inside your car interior is another effective way to clean your glass surfaces during foggy weather. This can be done by pressing a single button known as the ‘Fresh Air Mode’ button. This button is situated on your car’s dashboard and offers you a quick way to get rid of the accumulated fog on the glass surfaces.

Once you turn on the button, it will take some fresh air from outside your car to balance the temperature on the glass. The fog will quickly disappear. Using this method, the temperature inside your vehicle will not change. However, it is essential to see that the recirculation mode is successfully turned off after use.

Roll down the Windows:

However, rolling down the windows is the easiest way to defog your interior. In addition, you can set the level of the window glass to your preferred height to avoid cold winds coming inside the interior. 

This will create a balance between the inside and outside temperatures so that there remains no chance of accumulation of fog. This offers a permanent solution to stop the process of fogging completely.

Press The Defogger Button:

Every car comes with a defogger button. The button looks like a box within which three squiggly arrows pointed upwards are painted as a sign. This button comes to work whenever you have to drive through extremely cold climates. Unfortunately, few expensive car models come with a defogger button that defogs the car’s front and rear glass surfaces.

Once you turn on the defogger button, it sends some air to the windshield, matching the temperature outside, and immediately removes the accumulated fog. Therefore you can get a clear vision within an instant.

Final Thoughts:

Maintaining your car is extremely important during winter, considering unprecedented weather conditions like fog and snow. Keep your car clean and up to date by ordering necessary car accessories at CarOrbis. Make sure that you choose the best quality and genuine products with an assured warranty. This will secure the utmost value for money.

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