Kaju Katli Cheesecake

Kaju Katli Cheesecake


Assume any desserts can make you think about whether paradise is here when you take a chomp and heat satisfaction into everything they do. Enormous treats, little cost!

They prepare to charm your tastebuds; their items are great for birthdays and other unique events. Their items are the best-tasting sans egg and without gelatin prepared delicacy available. They do everything from delights to uniquely crafted cakes and treats for occasions.

Why Sinful Temptation?

At sinful, they take care of people’s birthdays, wedding parties, social gatherings, and different events in a short period of time. They manage a diverse menu; however, they work with clients to tweak items given their inclinations, subjects, and varied range.

They love making combination treats. For example: pastries, cakes, tea cakes, flavoured nuts, and different tiramisu. Including biscottis, Kaju katli cheesecake, truffles, and chocolate mithais.

They likewise aid the production of take-home gifts. They routinely investigate to make new and particular tasty things and look for input from loved ones to make essential upgrades

The Offerings

Get through the furthest kind surface of a cheesecake never had before as we imbued Kaju katli with a spongey finished cake. They make their cakes with top-notch natural unrefined substances made flawlessly by them.

Indian delicacy called “Kaju katli ” (cashew cut) is equivalent to a barfi. Milk is thickened with sugar and different parts to make Kaju (like dry leafy foods flavors).

The Kaju Katli cheesecake is that as it may, is a provoking undertaking to finish as it utilized unsalted cashew nuts (Kaju) which are crushed to a fine powder, and blended in with some milk, sugar, and cream; Make a batter out of it and continue to work it until it turns out to be firm, smooth and looser. Such a surface is not difficult to cut and imbue in a cheesecake.

A dish with at least one layer is called cheesecake. A blend of delicate, new cheddar (for the most part, curds, cream cheddar, or ricotta), eggs, and sugar make up the essential and thickest layer of the cake.

Some people think of it others think about the all-out creation — the unmistakable hull, the delicate filling, and the absence of flour — to be significant confirmation that it is a custard pie. A few people allude to it as a flan or tart.

About the Owner

After this much delight and sweetness, you must wonder who is behind such an innovative product line. Well, Shreena Shah handles this brand. She is the mother and owner of several enterprises, being a mompreneur. She had always loved baking and experimenting with new delicacies since she was a teenager. When she started looking for something new and different to do a few years ago, she realized nothing could be better than pursuing her passion for baking and making delicacies. That’s when Shreena’s Sinful Temptations was founded. Temptations were born when family and friends appreciated the homemade fusion treats she put together for a tasting session.


After thoroughly reviewing their menu and reading about all these heavenly sweets, you must wonder where to start. For instance, start with the truffles as they are the best mouth-watering sweets, and you can never go wrong with a Tiramisu near me as it has the flavors to inspire everyone. Tiramisu is the perfect fit for all of your occasions.