J spaz returns to release the sequel to his debut Laneless project

J spaz

Lots of Musicians are struggling with reaching new listeners and Creating income through fans on social media, This is because lots Musicians have the rite combination of talent’s but creating the correct Formula on a marketing strategy is As complicated as it sounds. In this situation, the correct approach is to obtain an professional in mentorship, and Amongst the rising marketing Businesses out here, Now playing digital records llc is one name that has given assistance to a great number of rising artists and performers in recent years. This meteoric elevation is because of a highly consistent rate of client satisfaction by using both Strategic and Unique marketing. The backstory of the company and that of its CEO, Joseph Reaves, Professionally known as J Spaz is no less fascinating Compared to some of the best success stories up to date.

In 2018 Joseph reaves began as a freelancer, on social media creating Digital Content helping serve local artists in his hometown of Philadelphia pa, through a series of music videos and interview’s. On June 30, 2018 reaves took a leap in his career by Officially creating Now playing digital records llc YouTube channel, The company Guaranteed to help brand artist and close the gap between talented artists and the potential number of fans through Strategic marketing techniques.

By 2020 the company had worked with over one hundred rising artist and over 50 Celebrity artist with Superior rate of success, Joseph reaves followed up, delivering his first project under the stage name J spaz As 1st artist under the label in 2019 he went on to released Laneless the mixtape under Now playing digital records llc Demonstrating Strategic marketing abilities with the project, Creating the labels first digital footprint’s with its first album sales coming from inside and outside of the United States, places like Canada and more also Today, Now playing digital records not only Caters to hundreds of rising artists throughout the world but also serves celebrity clients. His clientele involves notable names like, lil Mop Top, Third world don and E Ness Alongside having a Unique skill set to market content for rising artist along the way.

Spaz also has a gift to build notable relationships, On Instagram j spaz sheared a screenshot of a image between himself and iconic musical artist Fat Joe, the caption read:“fat joe it’s time we link up”. depicting fat joe with some interest with helping spaz in marketing music in the conversation.


Today Now playing digital records llc has a ever growing catalog of new content on YouTube and social media and Serves as a Transitioning point for underground artist to obtain marketing and distribution on a Industry scale while remaining independent. By By distributing music videos interviews blogs and more with its trademark ,