IVF is the hope for an infertile couple to boost their chances of conception


The statistics of WHO have shown that ‘When a couple is not able to conceive for more than one year then it is categorized as infertility.’ But, you know there is something better and effective in terms of treatment which is increasing the conception chances of a couple. Do you know what it is? IVF treatment

IVF is a boon for millions of couples suffering from infertility

The booming count of 20 million couples in India is suffering from infertility. Out of such a huge count, only 1/4th of the couples come forward to get the treatment. The reason for the same is not having a proper understanding of the treatment & there is a stigma attached to infertility. There are high chances a person does not have enough information on infertility which makes them wonder what to do next. This is where their hope comes alive or it gets higher when they visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab. The fertility doctor is going to guide you in detail about the IVF cycle & how it is going to be customized for you. Depending on the same you will better on how much you need to pay for your Test tube baby cost.

Taking down the cases of infertility with IVF cycle

The likelihood of infertile cases is increasing among millennial couples. Moreover, there are several reports and findings which have been done to prove the same. Nowadays the couples are more focused on making their career reach great heights and considering the same they delay their plan to conceive. It’s important to understand that the couple gets the medical intervention on time so that they do not have to go through the tough phase. Getting treatment on time is going to make a lot of difference. Undergoing the IVF cycle at the right time & getting your treatment customized on time will make a lot of difference.

Better know the major reason behind infertility

The key reason is that there is an ovulation problem due to which the egg is not released on time. Another reason is PCOS, which is one of the common reasons behind infertility. There are high chances that the fallopian tubes are damaged which makes it difficult to achieve the phase of conception.

Medical intervention is changing the dynamics

Several couples have seen that ray of hope by undergoing infertility treatment from the well-reputed IVF centre. IVF is the best way to combine the egg and sperm & get them fertilized in a controlled environment so that your chances of conception are increased. Once the fertilization is done, the embryo is formed which is then kept a close look at to ensure the embryo quality is top-notch.

Plan for IVF journey today only

What’s the wait? You must begin your IVF journey at the earliest. Schedule your initial consultation at Gomti Thapar Hospital with the experienced fertility IVF doctor: Dr. Neelu Koura. No matter what concern you have, make sure to discuss the same with the doctor & understand better what needs to be done.