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3 reasons why you should get IVF in Prague

If you’ve struggled with conceiving, you’ve probably been thinking about other options to have a baby. You could adopt, but the baby won’t be biologically yours. If you really want a biological child, you could opt for getting an IVF treatment. Unfortunately, IVF treatments in the United States do not come cheap. The average price for IVF in the US lies around 12.000 US dollars, and doesn’t even include the cost of medicine. Luckily, there are great countries in the world to get safe and reliable IVF treatment at a much lower price, for example in the Czech Republic. In this article you will read what the benefits of getting IVF in Prague, Czech Republic are and why you should consider it.

Reason 1: it’s completely safe

If you’ve never been to the Czech Republic, you might find it difficult to take the step to get an IVF treatment there. However, the safety of fertility treatments in Prague are very safe, whether you’re looking to make use of egg donation or using your own egg. Medical standards in the Czech Republic are very high and Prague has many state-of-the-art fertility clinics that don’t even compare to some in the US. 

There are strict laws in place for fertility clinics in the Czech Republic and they are inspected by the State Institute for Drug Control (or SUKL) at least once per two years. After they have passed strict quality tests, such as on the topics of handling materials, accurate documentation, excellent organization and management, and high quality materials, they receive a special certification. 

Furthermore, Czech fertility clinics are obligated to report their results to the government. A summary of these numbers is published by the European Society Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). The Czech Republic also has a National Register of Assisted Reproduction (NRAR) in which all authorized clinics are registered. 

Source: photo from Pixabay.com by Marjon Besteman https://pixabay.com/photos/pregnant-maternity-mother-6189040/ 04-18-2021

Reason 2: the success rates are very high

The Czech Republic is one of the highest scoring countries in Europe when it comes to success rates of fertility clinics. The success rate for women under 35 years old and using their own egg for IVF treatment is 33,3% while the success rate of the same age group using a donor egg is 44,7%. This ranks the Czech Republic among the top ten countries in Europe with the best IVF success rate. 

The staff of fertility clinics in Prague is known for speaking English very well, so there will be no language barrier during your treatment. Besides Prague, popular destinations for IVF treatments are Brno and Pilzno. The staff will monitor your embryo carefully and you can even choose to have them freeze sperm for another cycle. Besides, the embryos are genetically tested and implemented as soon as they have reached the desired age. 

Reason 3: the costs are low compared to the US

The price for IVF in the Czech Republic is surprisingly low for how great the fertility facilities are. Each facility is allowed to set its own price, but they don’t even come close to the average of 12.000 dollars that an IVF cycle in the United States costs. Expect to pay approximately 5000 euros for a donor egg. Embryo monitoring will only cost you about 350 euros. Besides the low costs for the treatment, you can also enjoy a cheap stay in Prague. The hotels are very affordable and the costs of living are nothing compared to the US. It is only necessary to stay in Prague for 17 days and then the full IVF cycle will be finished.