Top IT Skills in Demand in 2021

IT Skills

Struck by the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has had to make a lot of shifts and adjustments, digital transformation being a major one of them. This transition has urged IT professionals to upskill themselves in order to remain relevant and survive in the very competitive corporate environment. So, whether you’re working in a company that offers internet packages such as cox gigablast, running an online clothing store, or working in the cybersecurity department, you need to learn new skills to continue to be functional and grow in your career/business.

Since companies are looking to hire professionals who can help accelerate their digital transformation process as smoothly as possible, the demand for IT skills is on the rise. Let’s have a look at the top IT skills in demand in 2021.

1#. Programming Language

A programming language is also known as a computer language or programming system. It is a set of commands and instructions used by technicians to create a software program that the computer hardware can recognize. Among the most common programming languages are JavaScript, Python and C++. The knowledge and understanding of programming languages allow you to develop applications, games, web programs and much more. Hence, it is among the top IT skills that companies look for when hiring.

2#. Cloud Computing Skills

Cloud computing enables you to access and store data and programs on the internet instead of the computer’s hard drive. This is done to create a backup of all information in case of system crashes, natural disasters, etc. With the cyber threat landscape becoming more dangerous by the day, the need for companies to protect their confidential data has increased. This is why they are eager to hire cloud computing experts who can address this concern and provide solutions against such threats.

3#. Virtual Reality Skills

Virtual Reality is one of the most exciting inventions in the technological world. It is a digital stimulation whereby you can interact with a 3D environment with the use of gloves and goggles. VR can be used to play games, watch movies, and much more. Since the prospects of VR are

great, companies wish to make use of it to grow their businesses. And for this purpose, they need professionals with a VR skill set.

4#. Big Data Skills

Companies have chunks of data and they need experts to sort it out; this would help them address problems faster and make better decisions. IT skills related to big data include understanding programming languages, analytical skills, and effective problem-solving. By learning these competencies, IT professionals can progress in their careers faster.

5#. Automation Skills

The demand for automation skills is increasing as companies are realizing the time, resources,s, and cost they can save by the creation of software that eliminates manual labor. IT professionals with this skill set are always valued by companies because they can make processes quick and effective which translates into quicker better results.

6#. Cyber Security Skills

2020 saw a massive increase in cybersecurity breaches. Since companies deal with a lot of confidential data and huge finances, they cannot afford to take cybersecurity lightly. They need professionals who can guard their data against people who wish to steal it.

7#. Mobile Application Skills

In today’s world, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t use a mobile; but there are still plenty of websites and software which cannot be opened on cell phones. By hiring people with mobile application skills, companies can generate more business and expand their customer base. Mobile apps are more accessible which means every mobile user is a potential customer.

8#. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The invention of artificial intelligence is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the field of technology. It refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines. The goal of AL is to make machines learn, perceive, reason, and act like human beings, but free of error. It’s a skill that is very much in demand across all industries including finance and healthcare. IT specialists should hence seek knowledge of data engineering and programming languages such as NLP (natural language processing) as there is immense scope for them in the future.