Is Tingmo A Popular Dish In India?

how to make tingmo

Want to have Tingmo? Craving for Tingmo? Is Tingmo mouth-watering? These are the questions we often hear related to Tingmo. Now some may even ask, what is Tingmo? Tingmo is Tibetan steamed bread. It has gained huge popularity in India in recent years. A Tingmo usually does not have any stuffing. But sometimes, these dishes are stuffed with beef, chicken, mutton, or vegetables. Tingmo is the original name of Tibetan cuisine, but in India, it goes by another name called momo. The cuisine originates in Tibet, but in India, it originates from Sikkim. It is generally created, in the hilly regions such as Ladakh, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, and some of the North-eastern states. Now the question may arise, how to make tingmo? It is very simple, as it consists of a few ingredients. 

Based on its demand, it has many uses and many benefits. Let us discuss them in an orderly manner :

  • Main dish:

    if we visit the hilly regions, we can find that the dish, Tingmo is considered a main dish. It can be consumed, with other side dishes such as a meat dish, vegetable dish, or mushroom dish. The item is very easy to make, and the time taken is also less. If you have the right set of utensils for the cuisine, you can easily make it. It can be used, for dinner. 

  • Improves our digestive system:

    one of the advantages of the dish is that it is less oily. People may ask how to make ting momo? It is simple, and less oily. Various health experts and dietitians have recommended eating boiled food, and consuming less oil food as it will help our digestive system. With the addition of side dishes including vegetables and pulses, the emergence of the digestive problem is less.

  • Acts as a metabolism enhancer:

    it is observed that the people, who consume Tingmo, have a high metabolism rate. Metabolism is good for the body, as it keeps our body healthy and we all know that health is wealth. A dish contains a high protein level, which improves and ,helps in the growth of muscles. Call no that carry and carrots help to increase the muscle mass in the body. So if the side dish consists of cabbage and vegetables it will be very helpful for the body. It can be said that the dish provides a huge amount of energy and improves our metabolism.

  • Other benefits:

    apart from the three major benefits of consuming Tingmo, there are some additional works attached to it. At present people are conscious about their health as they tend to avoid eating oily junk foods. Dish helps to increase metabolism and provides protein which helps in reducing weight. Nowadays people with high blood sugar levels. With the increase in consumption of vegetables in a diet, the blood sugar level can easily be controlled.


After going to all the benefits and advantages of consuming Tingmo, it can be stated that the dish should be accompanied by vegetables instead of meat. Having a healthy diet with lots of vegetables improves our digestive system and increases metabolism, which will lead to a healthy lifestyle in the future. One of the well-asked questions is how to make tingmo at home? Well, it is very simple and people can see the recipe on the internet.