Is it Better to Get Your Samsung Washing Machine Repaired or to Buy a New One?

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Deciding whether you should repair or replace your old damaged washing machine with the best Indian washing machine can be a more challenging task than it sounds. 

It’s an uneasy decision since buying a new washer requires a considerable amount of investment, but opting for the latest and superior Samsung washing machine can help you to reduce your water and energy consumption by up to 33%. 

Sometimes, repair for a washing machine is the most affordable alternative, but a replacement will be more affordable over the long term in other instances. Let’s find out whether repairing an old damaged washing machine or purchasing a new Samsung washing machine is an ideal option for your case:

The Age of Your Samsung Washing Machine

Every electronic appliance has estimated longevity. The likelihood of an appliance breaking down increases with age and all other aspects being the same. A Samsung washing machine can keep serving you for 11-15 years. 

Then, it’s time to replace it since the performance of your appliance will likely be diminished significantly. If you have been using the washer for several years, you could be uncertain about whether you should get the washer repaired or replace it after it. Consider the points below:


A brand new Samsung washing machine might not experience frequent breakdowns, and therefore it is easier to get them fixed, especially when they are under warranty. Getting your old washing machine repaired is recommended if the repair price is less than 30% of the cost of a new model.


A machine that keeps falling apart can be costly, mainly if the washer has been in use for many years and is out of warranty. Purchasing the best Indian washing machine from your favourite retailer is a great option when your older washer is breaking down frequently, and the repairing costs are high.

The Problem

When you realize that your old washer (out of warranty) has stopped working, you may consult a professional washing machine expert to help you identify the cause. Repairing some issues in your old washer could be simple and does not require any particular expertise. Other issues could be expensive to fix and require the assistance of an expert. 


If you can handle common washer problems with no professional help, then it doesn’t make sense to replace the equipment. Several parts such as pulleys, seals, pumps aren’t that costly. 

You can buy these parts from your local store and set them up yourself. However, be sure to first consult an expert who can assist in determining the problem.


If a trusted technician says your machine has serious issues, such as cracks in the tub, replacement is the only alternative. Replacing a washing machine that isn’t spinning is less expensive than fixing it.


The efficiency of your old washing machine could determine if you’re required to replace it with a new Samsung washing machine. Old washers will use a higher amount of water, energy, and detergent than the latest models. A washing machine with an Energy Star rating will use up to 33% less water and energy than a not rated model.

Advanced home appliances are generally more expensive than regular washers. For example, front-loaded Samsung washing machines are typically more costly than top-loading models.

Implementing a few basic routines for maintenance can reduce the need to replace or repair your existing washer. Regular cleaning of your washing machine will improve its efficiency and prolong its life. 

Using your home appliance as suggested by the manufacturer can help maintain its functionality for a longer time without needing repairs or replacement.

It could be beneficial to rotate the valves frequently to keep dirt from building up on the stems of the valves. The connected particles could impede their motion when you fail to clean and lubricate the valves regularly. 

These maintenance and cleaning tips will prevent the machine from being overworked, even when handling only a tiny amount of cloth load.

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