iPhone x and xs comparison

iPhone x and XS comparison

When Apple launched the iPhone X series smartphones, everyone went crazy seeing the futuristic design. Well, it was one of the favored smartphones in my list of smartphones. Well, that’s why we can easily find a lot of great iPhone X cases for girls. Not just the iPhone X, but there is the iPhone XS, which is quite amazing. If you have less budget but still want to enter into the iOS ecosystem, then iPhone X and iPhone XS are a few great smartphones to check out.

If you are confused between the iPhone X and iPhone XS, as they are the best market, you are at the right place. In this post, we will share detailed information on both of these devices. These are the best smartphones in the range, which you should not ignore at all. If you have decided to grab one of these iPhones, then you should know the difference. Here is the full-fledged comparison between the iPhone X and iPhone XS devices, which will help you choose the best one that suits your needs.

iPhone X and iPhone XS Comparison

#1 – Build Quality

When it comes to Build Quality, these smartphones are the best ones. With Apple’s highest build quality standards, these are sturdy smartphones. But you have to consider the size and the build material. The device is made with a specially carved metal body. Also, the gorilla glass backplate adds a nice shiny flare to the device. The gorilla glass is quite strong and will not shatter or crack even after falling from the height. Overall, the device is perfect when it comes to building quality.

#2 – Display

You can’t ignore the beautiful display of the iPhone X and XS devices. They both have great OLED screens, with the dimensions of 1125 x 2436 pixels and Pixel Density of 463PPI. The OLED screens are quite bright and help you read the text even in bright outdoor conditions. The only issue with both devices is the Notch. Apple has added a notch design on the displays in both the devices, which is quite annoying, and we don’t like it. If you prefer the notch design, then you will find it beautiful.

#3 – Performance

If we consider the performance, the iPhone X and iPhone XS can be set apart. With the amazing Apple’s Bionic chipset, both the phones work great but have significant differences in performance. The iPhone X comes with the Apple A11 Bionic Chipset, and iPhone XS comes with the Apple A12 Bionic Chipset. Both the processors have excellent performance, but the latest A12 Bionic chipset provides better performance.

Also, the iPhone X comes with 3GB of RAM and multiple storage options. On the other hand, the iPhone XS comes with 4GB of RAM for better performance. When it comes to performance, the iPhone XS stands apart from the iPhone X. If you have normal usage requirements, then the iPhone X will be suitable for catering to your needs. Otherwise, you should get the iPhone XS, which is a beast when it comes to intense usage and high-end gaming.

#4 – Camera

The camera of the iPhone X is pretty amazing. The iPhone XS is not an exception in this case. iPhone X comes with a dual-camera setup, which is powerful. The primary camera is 12MP, and the secondary camera is also 12MP with a Telephoto lens in iPhone X. The iPhone XS has the exact same camera configuration. But the iPhone XS has the better performance, as it has the overall better hardware, which helps the device to process images faster and have additional features.

Final Words

When you take a look at these devices side-by-side, you cannot find many differences. Visually there might be some tweaks. But, the changes are not significant. Under the hood, the devices have different configurations. Usually, we prefer buying the iPhone X as it’s affordable and suitable for the majority of the common tasks. But when it comes to the raw performance in the camera segment, gaming, and overall high-intensity usage, we will recommend the iPhone XS.