How to use an iPhone tracking app to keep track of your kids?

How to use an iPhone tracking app to keep track of your kids?


You can use an iPhone tracking app to locate the position of your kids. This can be a good device to learn about the activities of your kids, without letting them know about it. The iPhone tracking app is easy to install and work from anywhere, you just need an iPhone device and an internet connection. It is one of the most trusted iPhone tracking apps to monitor your kid’s activities, you can track any device without even touching it. Is this a little amazing for you! It can be, as you haven’t used the app, once you install and use the iPhone tracking apps, it can be altogether a different app for security purposes.

In this article, we would try to highlight, how to use the iPhone tracking apps, to lactate your kids and any device:

The working pattern of the app:

The app works by using an online account and by synchronizing its location. You just need to verify the device you want to track, after the verification process, you can track the device. The process of installation of the app is different, what we use on Android and on other operating systems.

This can be great for you as a parent, to manage the activities of your kids, by monitoring his/her activities.

Make a Spyine account:

First, you need to make an account on the Spyine platform. This platform guarantees you to track your kid’s iPhone device, you need to visit their website and click the option join for free, you need to enter your email ID and a password for your account subscription. Fill the form as required and click on the next step of subscription.

Subscription options:

When reaching the second step, you would see different plans offered by the Spine platform to use their service. You can choose from different paid plans, each plan offers different tools and features. The basic plan is for the people, only want to monitor a single device from the subscribed account. Select one plan and process the payment plan.

Verification of the device:

When you successfully subscribe to a plan, you will be asked to select a verification device. You need to select the iPhone and follow the next step, then you have to enter the iCloud login details to the device you are going to target. At this step just enter the iCloud credential detail and click the verification Button. This process requires a little time to sync the targeted device to your online account. Try to use a location tracker, then the sync would be done in a few moments.

How to use your account:

When you have completed the sync process, you will get access to the phones of your kids without letting them know. Use the location features Spyine to track the iPhones of your kids. You need to go to the dashboard of your account and select the Location Tracker option from the tool section.

The Location Tracker will open a map in front of you, where you can locate their current location. It will also provide you with information, where they have visited in the last few days.


This is the whole process of the iPhone tracking app, and how you can track the location of your kids without letting them know. You can use many other features of the location identification from the dashboard, when you use them one or two times, you can easily learn them.