iOS vs. Android: 5 Reasons Which Platform Should You Build For?

Mobile Application

You’re not alone if you’ve decided that getting mobile application development services for developing a mobile app is the best solution for your brand or business. Mobile apps have evolved into an important business channel for companies looking to engage their customers and increase their market share. 

While businesses can now get mobile application development services, iOS vs. Android app development is by far the most common consideration. So, how do you decide which platform to start with when developing your mobile app?

This has also led to the streamlining of mobile application development services. According to the most recent Pew Research Center survey, 70% of Americans own a smartphone, and more than half own a tablet. 

iOS vs Android

Compared to the past, when there were several options, iOS and Android are currently the only platforms worth considering. When combined, they account for nearly 100% of the mobile market. 

As a result, many entrepreneurs and businesses must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of Android apps vs. iOS apps and consult mobile application development services providers to launch on one platform first before moving on to the other. There are clear distinctions between the two platforms. 

To help you clearly distinguish between iOS and Android, consider the following five reasons;

The Intended Audience

Consider your target audience’s smartphone ownership percentages when deciding between Android app development and iOS app development. Then, create a clear picture of your target audience by researching demographic data such as geography, age bracket, income bracket, and gender.

You may discover that your target audience overwhelmingly favors one platform, such as iOS, providing you with a compelling reason to select that platform over the others. The more you understand smartphone ownership rates and platform preferences among your target audience, the better equipped you’ll be to decide which platform to build your mobile app on first.

When building an application, companies offering mobile application development services shrewdly conduct surveys to identify the intended audience.

The Availability and Cost Of Talent

Overall, there isn’t much of a cost difference between iOS and Android app development. IOS applications are typically written in Objective-C or Swift, whereas Android applications are written in Java. Additionally, It’s helpful to know that Android development can be completed within your budget and timeframe.


Because of the complicated process of app uploading and moderation, the App Store is a more secure source of apps than Google Play. There is less chance of being duped by a malware distributor. If your app passed the App Store moderation process, you can be reasonably confident in its security.

However, Apple may take a few days to approve your app, whereas Google will only take a few hours. When it comes to security, iOS outperforms Android. But, Google is still faster than Apple in terms of approval time.

Costs and the Review Procedure

It’s important to understand that because Apple’s review process is more stringent, it may take longer to get an iOS app approved for the App Store. Unlike Android apps, which are usually approved within a day or two, iOS apps must follow strict guidelines. These are some examples:

  • Being evaluated based on a set of technical, content, and design criteria
  • Updated to be compatible with the most recent operating system
  • Developed with Xcode 10.2.
  • Thoroughly tested and updated to work with the most recent devices.

While some app submissions of mobile application development services providers are approved within a few hours, there are numerous review horror stories of app submissions being stuck for weeks or even months.


The last thing to think about is your monetization strategy or how you intend to make money from the app. For example, despite accounting for more than 75% of all global app downloads, Google Play generated approximately 88 percent less revenue than Apple’s app store last year (2018). This implies that monetizing an app via a subscription model or in-app purchases is more profitable if you develop it for iOS.

Ad-based monetization strategies, on the other hand, perform better on Android apps. Figures also show that Android developers are improving their ability to encourage consumer spending. Year on year, spending on the Google Play Store increased by 27.3 percent in 2018.


It is difficult to choose between iOS and Android application development because both have advantages and disadvantages. However, the choice of getting your app developed on any of the two platforms is yours. But, the main player on whom the job of developing an exceptional app is your mobile application development services company. 

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