InventHelp Review


If you’re looking for invention help, it’s important to use a company that has been in the business for many years. You don’t want to hire a new company with no experience, as they may not have all the right experience to help you. An established company like Invent Help has helped inventors for over 35 years and is continually expanding their offices and personnel to meet the demands of new inventors.

InventHelp is a business not a charity

InventHelp is a business that assists inventors with patenting their ideas. They provide patent referral and recommendation services, and they have an extensive database of potential investors and partners. While these connections are private and done under a non-disclosure agreement, they can help inventors make important connections and pursue deals.

InventHelp is a company based in Pennsylvania, but it has helped thousands of inventors. Some of them include Olympic gold medalist and two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman. However, the company is a business, and its employees don’t represent the charity.

The business has a solid track record and is a trusted name among investors. While many people may have reservations about InventHelp, the company does a great job of fulfilling their promises and protecting inventors’ ideas. They even find partners who will help turn inventors’ dreams into reality.

InventHelp’s primary focus is to help inventors develop a business around their inventions. In addition to providing marketing services, they also work to find full-scale manufacturing partners who will help bring the products to market. While these services can be expensive, InventHelp provides high-quality service and is an excellent option for many inventors. However, it is important to remember that a partnership with InventHelp doesn’t completely eliminate risk or guarantee success in the marketplace.

It helps inventors find manufacturing partners

Invent Help is a company that helps entrepreneurs commercialize their inventions. It works by connecting inventors with full-scale manufacturing partners. The company offers a variety of services for its clients, including rapid prototyping and market research. With over 60 offices worldwide, Invent Help is a one-stop shop for inventors.

Invent Help has been helping innovators and entrepreneurs since 1984. The company’s headquarters is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It employs scientists and engineers, website facilitators, and research analysts. In addition, the company has sales offices in the United States and Canada. It offers patent referral services and a professional website tailored to your idea.

Invent Help offers services that range from patent referrals to prototype modeling. The company also offers free resources to help inventors start their businesses. These services don’t guarantee profits, but they do give inventors the tools to move forward with their ideas.

It helps inventors gain a patent

The InventHelp website aims to help inventors achieve patent protection for their ideas. The company is not a law firm, so it cannot provide legal advice. Its staff, however, is knowledgeable in the field and has years of experience. Working with a professional increases your chances of success. An InventHelp agent can help you package your idea, submit it to companies, and even prepare your patent application. If you need further help, Invent Help can refer you to a patent attorney, which will further enhance your chances of success.

When selecting a patent attorney, it is important to find an experienced, well-known firm with years of experience in handling new ideas. A newer company may not have the resources to handle your ideas effectively, and will not have the experience of their staff. An experienced patent attorney will have worked with inventors for many years and has consistently expanded their offices and staff.

After gaining patent protection for an idea, the next step is to create a prototype. This may involve a variety of different features and sizes. Although it will not be functional, the prototype will serve the purpose of demonstrating the concept. If the prototype is ready, Invent Help will refer you to a patent attorney.

It helps inventors protect their idea from being stolen

Invent Help has a reputation for protecting inventor ideas against idea theft, but this doesn’t mean they’re completely fool-proof. The company has faced numerous lawsuits and failed to protect clients. One lawsuit was brought by an inventor who was paying InventHelp $850 to $1500 to get a patent for her idea. However, the company denies these allegations and has tried to get these lawsuits thrown out of court.

To protect your idea, you need to work with suppliers and customers responsibly. Always communicate with them via email, rather than chatting with them over the phone. It’s also a good idea to use photos to document your communication. This will provide a verifiable timestamp for the emails. This way, thieves won’t be able to copy or steal your idea.

Another way Invent Help can help you protect your idea from being stolen is by working with manufacturers and factories. The company will work with you to develop a prototype of your invention to see whether it’s viable for production. This can help you protect your idea against being stolen, and it’ll also help you get exposure for your invention.