Introducing the Stage Series C1 LED Pods


Diode Dynamics, which has brought Stage Series LED Light Bars, SS3 and SSC2 LED Pods to automobile owners throughout the country, has released Stage Series C1 LED Pods. more compact than Diode Dynamics’ classic SS3 LED Pods, the new C1 LED Pods come in at less than 3 by 3 inches (they’re 2 by 2.4 by 2.6 inches) and can easily be mounted to cars, trucks, Jeeps and even bikes and UTVs.

Designed, tested and assembled in the United States, the C1 LED Pods feature a single LED form factor with a 10 watt LED chip, are available in 4 beam patterns and 2 power levels. Depending on the power level and beam pattern, the candela ratings of these C1 LED Pods range from 350 to 50,000.

These LED pods are also available in flood, SAE fog, wide, and spot patterns, which can easily be altered by simply swapping out the interchangeable lenses that can change both beam pattern and color. The widest beam available, the flood pattern, throws a truly even 50×50 degree spread of light and is ideal for illuminating large areas as a work light or as a general purpose backup light. On the other end of the spectrum is the spot light pattern, which throws a sharply focused 7 degree beam of light, ideal for extended visibility far into the distance.

All of these light pods make use of Diode Dynamics proprietary TIR, or total internal reflection, which gathers all of the light output from these LED pods and directs it exactly where needed. This significantly reduces glare and scattering and results in a crisply focused beam of light. The custom-molded TIR optic in these pods serves as both the optic and the main lens, increasing efficiency and output.

These LED pods are available in both white and amber, making them ideal for a wide range of purposes (included as fog lights) but they also feature backlight functionality in your choice of white, amber, red or blue. This backlight feature compounds the functionality of the main beam with the added touch of an accent light.

The C1 LED Pods can also be mounted in a wide variety of configurations. Diode Dynamics sells a number of different compatible mount kits for these pods, including standard and flush mount kits. They can also be mounted like a GoPro using Diode Dynamics’ special adapter kit.

As far as wiring is concerned, the C1 Pods feature a DT-type Deutsch-style connector and come with a 6 inch pigtail and bare leads. You can either do the wiring yourself, use a Deutsch DT-sized wiring harness or one of Diode Dynamics compatible wiring harnesses.

As with Diode Dynamics’ other high-quality LED light pods and countless other powerful lighting solutions, the C1 LED Pods are tough as nails. They’ve been extensively torture tested to guarantee reliability through extreme temperatures, are tested against SAE standards, and are resistant to moisture intrusion, corrosion, and vibration.

You can learn more online at, where you can find these LED pods along with mounting kits, hardware, wiring components, interchangeable lens covers, and much more. Check out their website and if you have any questions, contact them at or at 314-205-3033.

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