Do you Want to go Into Interior Design as a Profession


Aspirants to design programs search for strategies to pass both the bachelor’s and master’s admission exams. They understand that completing this exam will provide them with new chances.

Do you have any plans to do the same? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right destination. This article will go through the most important components of NID’s design classes.

Is there an interior design programme at NID?

Despite the fact that NID Ahmedabad provides a wide range of design degrees, it does not admit students to interior design programs.

Instead, the institute offers furniture and interior design courses to anyone interested in interior design. It aims to enhance the living and working environment by altering objects and structures found in homes and workplaces. The majority of interior design professionals feel that such adjustments play a significant part in improving the quality of life standard.

The field resembles the environmental design and industrial occupations in certain ways. It borrows concepts from various fields.

The furniture in a room plays an essential part in establishing a pleasant ambiance. They contribute to people’s psychological well-being, among other things. Choosing the proper furnishings may have a significant impact on a person’s outlook.

As a result, the field of furniture and interior design is becoming increasingly popular. In contrast to interior design, this education improves one’s professional chances. This course, like interior design, gives a person’s creativity a big boost.

In India, NIFT and NID are the two most prestigious fashion design schools. The majority of job-oriented students who desire to pursue a career in design seek admission to the courses offered by these reputable schools.

While there is no disputing that a seat at any of these institutions is in high demand, there is a fundamental difference between the two.

In terms of design courses, NID exclusively provides bachelor’s and master’s degrees. NIFT, on the other hand, provides a broader range of courses in this area. MFM, M.F.Tech, M. Des, B.F.Tech and B.Des are examples of these programs.

NIFT investigates the larger potential of each course it provides, whereas NID focuses more on details. That is, NIFT permits students enrolled in its courses to delve deeper into their chosen subjects at their leisure. It paves the way for them to have more work opportunities as a result of this.

Apart from the aforementioned characteristics, these institutes also differ in terms of the number of seats available and course prices.

While the NID has 15 seats in three locations, the NIFT has 30 seats in all 15 locations.

Finally, the semester-by-semester cost for NID is double that of NIFT.

How do you study for the National Institute of Design’s (NID) interior design entrance exam?

Following the ideas below can make a significant impact on one’s design entrance test scores.

Though creativity is required to pass this exam with flying colors, a candidate must also possess certain extra abilities. General awareness, observation, visualization abilities, and creativity are all significant factors in determining the outcome. As a result, an aspirant must endeavor to improve these abilities.

A candidate should think outside the box in order to come up with novel and fascinating ideas. Examiners are on the lookout for new ideas.

It is important to complete all questions within the time limit.

As a result, an examinee should do as much practice sketching in a short period of time as feasible.
To maintain one’s general knowledge up to date, one should keep up with current events.
It is critical to cultivating the habit of sketching with a light touch. This eliminates the need to erase one’s drawing on a regular basis. This saves time as well.

What is the best book for the NID exam?

You will need to study a series of books rather than simply one to pass the NID test. The following are some of the best-selling books in this area:

  • Mock Tests for NID
  • Approach to Solutions in the NID Mock Test Series
  • The NID Mock Test Series has been updated to reflect the new pattern.

What additional career options exist after graduating from NID?

After graduating from NID, the possibilities are infinite. It lays the way for employment opportunities in the following fields:

  1. ceramic and glass designing
  2. toys and games designing
  3. industrial designing
  4. lifestyle/accessory designing
  5. film/video communication
  6. automobile designing
  7. product designing
  8. animation designing
  9. graphic designing


The NID experience may help a fashion designer’s career in a variety of ways. Keep a clear head and follow the aforementioned recommendations to prepare for the NID admission examination. This will not only increase your chances of passing the exam but will also put you in control of your future possibilities.

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